Less Than $400, Samsung Galaxy Indulge – Black


With a smooth sliding QWERTY-pad, Samsung launched its first ever 4G Phone with a Humming Bird’s processor and Android 2.2. The set is popular for its excellent caller voice quality and an sensitive keypad. Having a shiny black appearance with rounded edges the cell is just 5.4 ounces.  The black coating gives an edge to the appearance. Also it is resilient and not easily scratched therefore maintaining its look for a long period of time. Its cubical dimensions are 5.2 x 2.4 x 0.6.

Rather than having the new and improved AMOLED screens, the cell uses a HVGA capacitive touch-screen at 800 x 480 pixels. This is good because doing this provides a brittle and bright image on the screen. Also the screen is big enough so that the touch system can be used to the max and is very smooth and slippery. Being slippery makes it sensitive to the finger touch. For fast typing, there is alpha numeric touch keypad. Hand writing recognition is also supported so all 3 types present in cells are in one cell. Its keen sensors provide the user to change the display from standard to landscape or vice versa in the blink of an eye. Whereas touching the screen with pinched fingers and increasing the distance between them zooms in the image, hence providing detailed image viewing.

The set also comprises of usual cellular specifications like Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GPRS, etc. To use all these common features there is a drop-down navigation bar located at the uppermost of the screen. The cell also has common SIM modes like flight, offline, vibrate, silent, etc. On home screen you already have a few shortcuts to applications like dialer and camera for your convenience but they can be replaced or even turned off by going into the settings. A specific motion triggering the sensor can change the wallpaper which can be a static of an animated image of your choice. It is very user friendly and highly customizable because it supports tons of application which can be installed in it. Samsung made this set so that it is upgradable and they have talked of working with none other than Google for developing a new and better operating system for Galaxy-Indulge, still there is no confirmation of this news but it is known that a new software for this android will be available soon in the market despite the fact that it is running on Froyo.

Less Than $400, Samsung Galaxy Indulge – Black

The galaxy-indulge may sound very special but it has some drawbacks. Its battery span is very less and that makes it the biggest setback as said by its users. Also, the specifications are great but not according to the high level as set by the Galaxy S series so according to a lot of people it is a little expensive while some say that it is expensive for no special reason. Another fact is that QWERTY pad is difficult to use especially if it is in sliding.

However if looked through an unbiased eye, the phone offers a good deal of options and is not that expensive compared to what it has to offer. So other than few drawbacks, the set is a good deal to be made if it suits the needs.

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