Cool Stuff You Thought Were Only In Movies


Do you ever get tired of watching high-tech movies with unbelievable gadgets that just leave you envious?  For me, every James Bond movie has that effect on me.  Some of the stuff that Q comes up with leaves me truly baffled.

Believe it or not, there are actually some pretty cool gadgets out there that you would only expect to see in movie theaters.  The most surprising thing about them is they might come in handy, even if you aren’t an international spy.

The Watch Phone

Have you ever seen a Mission Impossible movie and actually thought about how ridiculous it would look if you started talking to your wrist.  I thought so until I realized that I could potentially be holding a cheeseburger instead of my phone if I needed to talk to someone!

Both AT&T and T-Mobile offer the new Vega Smart Watch.  The Smart Watch is the only 3G, Wi-Fi enabled watch phone in the world.  It comes equipped with an external speaker and is surprisingly not too bulky considering the fact that it really is just like a big chunky smart phone that bulges your pockets.  Now you run around taking orders from your wrist like Ethan Hunt, but you might just be receiving a grocery list from your wife instead of saving the world.

Fingerprint Safes

The types of safes where you stick your finger on a scanner and it unlocks actually do exist.  They can mostly be found in the form of fingerprint gun safes.  Of course, you can probably use them for jewelry or top secret information, like your Aunt Suzie’s famous meatloaf recipe if you want.

A company by the name of Gun Vault specializes in these types of safes.  The general purpose of their safes is to gain quicker access to your firearm in case of an emergency.  They are available in various sizes and are surprisingly inexpensive considering the technology that goes into them.


Ok, this isn’t a fire-shooting jet pack like Boba Fett uses in Star Wars, but they’re still pretty cool.  If you can substitute flying over land with flying over water, then you just might be interested.

A company called JetLev is producing jetpacks that utilize a floating motor that pumps thousands of gallons of water through a tube that is connected to the user’s back.  The water is thrust through the pack toward the water, propelling the rider into the air.  The packs are available to purchase with a price tag that is just shy of $100,000.

Pen Gun

Who hasn’t wanted one of these as a kid?  Now that I know they are available, I can’t get one since I have kids and would hate to see what would happen if they borrowed a pen for school.  I’m sure their college fund would go directly to their bail bond.

The pen gun that I found is made by RJ Braverman and it is no pea-shooting mini-pistol like you might think.  This little scribe fires .22 caliber bullets once it is bent in the middle and ready for action.  The price tag on this item is right around $1000.

Imagination Inspires Reality

Hopefully, from this list you can see how movies affect the way we live.  With any luck, we’ll see more and more amazing inventions that are brought to life onscreen become a reality.  I’m still holding out for a flying car to help me avoid traffic!

Author Bio

Bart Vale writes for companies that enjoy an inspiring twist on their services.  He enjoys work that will reflect his personality and opinion.  His work is often inspired by his own imagination.

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