Prolonging The Life Of Appliances


Despite the fact that the UK has recently officially come out of the worst recession since the Second World War, money is still tight for many consumers.  Money, credit and loans are still nowhere as flexible or as available as they were prior to 2008, when they were in abundance.  It is true that a major fear for many householders is the failure of a major appliance which needs replacing.

A few years ago, if a major appliance – such as a washing machine – suddenly broke down, there were a number of solutions.  One was to get an engineer out to fix it.  If the washing machine could be fixed relatively easily, then this was the option to go for.  However, if it could not be fixed or if the repair was too costly, then many people would choose to scrap the washing machine and simply replace it with a new one.

As lines of credit were wide open up until 2008, obtaining finance for such appliances was not difficult.  Cost effective credit meant that people could replace such items without as much as a second thought.

However, clearly times have changed.  Lines of credit are not as freely available as they were, and the expiration of a major home appliance would be seen as nothing short of a disaster for most families in these economic times.

Consideration must be given as to how much such appliances like these are relied upon.  For an average family, a good washing machine is a must in order to keep partners and children in clean clothes.

Many homes these days will have a dishwasher.  Although not strictly a necessity, it is seen by most families as a valuable tool.  Time is precious for families to spend together, and should not be spent doing the washing up.

The boiler is another important appliance.  In the majority of cases, it is possibly the most expensive item to go wrong.  Many people would no longer have the money to simply fix it or replace it in one go.

The key is to prolong the life of these appliances for as long as possible.  It is possible to do this whilst promoting efficiency of the appliance also.

One culprit which can accelerate the deterioration of an appliance is water.  Where the water is too hard, lime scale can build up.  This reduces the efficiency of an appliance and also can lead to the premature failure of one which relies on water, such as a washing machine.

Water softening products go some way to protecting washing machines, dishwashers and boilers.  Using such products to prolong the life of an appliance now can save a small fortune in the future.

Article written by Joe Barker, on behalf of Aquabion UK.

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