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Dear Entrepreneur, Are You Familiar With The New F-Word?


There is an F-word that has been on the lips of all people and that is FACEBOOK. It is quite amazing that when you go to colleges, universities, workplaces and in our homes Facebook has become the order of the day.

People just can’t do without it. It is so overwhelming that people even connect to facebook no matter where they locate themselves. The least chance an individual get he connects to the facebook either with his laptop or even mobile phones and other smart devices.

How does the New F-Word affect entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs need to know the importance of Facebook to them and the benefits they will get if they associate themselves with facebook.

First and foremost as an entrepreneur, you need to advertise and sell yourself to the outside world in order to be known and make your objectives. Facebook is worldwide and if entrepreneur should connect to facebook, virtually it means they are connected to the whole world.

World statistics shows that, the world population is now about hitting 7,000,000,000 and facebook is about hitting 1,000,000,000. This means if you connect to facebook, you are virtually reaching 1 out of 7 people you meet in the world. This means your market size is very large.

Facebook is a social networking site that supports a lot of languages meaning if you are connected to facebook, you have the option of reaching people from different dialectical background. This will help you as an entrepreneur to have a higher market target.

This new F-Word helps you as an entrepreneur to connect to a maximum of 5000 friends if you create a personal profile for yourself meaning when you make a comment whilst you are having 5000 friends, these 5000 friends will also have a maximum of 5000 friends who can connect with you in a way. When you multiply 5000 by 5000, you get 25,000,000. All other things been equal, your post could reach 25,000,000 within some few seconds. That is not the end, your friends’ friends can also see your post and it goes on and on.

Apart from creating a personal profile account on facebook, you can also create what we call a page, which advertizes people, products, goods and services and among others. As an entrepreneur, you can use this to advertise yourself or you products you have on board for a market range.

Facebook also give you the option to create events with dates of event as well as place of event. This can help you to advertise programs you have as an entrepreneur in the field of providing services such as talk shows and among others.

Furthermore, Facebook has the option of creating polls which will help people to advertise on a product or service you have for your market. It has this multimedia format that lets you share photos and videos with people.

In short facebook is the greatest social media tool any entrepreneur can think of simply because it has a lot of people on board, helps you connect with people and also suggest people to you, helps you advertise yourself and can be used to generate a lot of traffic towards one’s site

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