How To Test Your Xbox Broadband Connection


Testing your broadband Internet speed on your computer and testing it on your Xbox 360 are not the same process. The Xbox 360 interacts with your broadband connection in a slightly different way from how a regular computer does. Because of this, it is always important to properly test your Xbox 360 connection to make sure that it is both working properly and that you’re getting the upload and download speeds that you’re paying for each month to your Internet service provider. With games still being hampered by lag (and hey everyone hates running around a corner on COD and dying) it’s a very good idea to make sure your internet connection is running as smoothly as possible. With this quick tutorial we show you how to rest your broadband speed on your XBox.
Step 1

Turn on both your Xbox 360 and your television set. Remove any DVD video discs or Xbox 360 game discs from the device’s disc tray and allow your Xbox 360 dashboard to load. You can only test the broadband Internet connection on your Xbox 360 from the device’s main menu system.

Step 2

Press the button labeled “Guide” on your Xbox 360 controller. When the appropriate menu loads on screen, select the option labeled “Settings” to continue.

Step 3

Open the menu labeled “System Settings” on your Xbox 360. Once the appropriate menu is opened, select the option labeled “Network Settings.” The window that loads will feature a variety of different options related to the way your console’s broadband Internet connection operates.

Step 4

If you have a wired broadband Internet connection, select the option labeled “Wired Connection” from the menu on screen. If you know that you’re using a wireless broadband Internet connection on your Xbox 360, select the option labeled “Wireless Connection” from the menu on screen.

Step 5

Select the option labeled “Test Xbox LIVE Connection.” Your Xbox 360 will perform a series of basic checks relating to both the speed and health of your home’s broadband Internet connection. The results of the test will soon display on screen. The upload and download speeds of your Internet connection will be measured in megabytes per second. If any part of your Xbox 360 broadband Internet connection has stopped functioning, you will be notified when the results of the test display on screen.

And that’s it really. Make sure you put your Xbox near your wireless connection or, better yet, run a cable directly into your Xbox Ethernet port.

Sam Jones, the author, has been looking into fibre optic broadband to increase his gaming speed.

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