Exciting New Cinemas Amaze the UK and Thailand


Thailand Celebrates its First Floating Cinema

A special floating cinema was recently constructed in glamorous surroundings as part of a large film festival in Thailand.

The famous Phuket rock formations of the shore of Thailand have recently become the latest, unlikely venue for a Thai Film Festival screening.

The Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival has always benefitted from its beautiful location and the thousands of visitors that flock to the spectacular rock formations near Phuket.

The rocks have been made famous by their appearance in several major Hollywood films, including The Beach, and this gave the festival organizers the perfect opportunity to expand their program.

Ole Scheeren, a celebrated German architect was commissioned to create a temporary cinema amongst the formations, complete with professional quality projector and huge screen.

The projector screen was positioned between two of the largest rocks and a floating platform, for the projector and the guest’s luxury seating, was situated in the water, in front of them.

Scheeren was delighted with the project and its innovative use of the natural surroundings. He praised the organizers for their initial idea, which allowed them to watch films within one of the most beautiful settings imaginable.

In order to complement its natural environment, the cinema was made exclusively from recycled materials. The eco-friendly principles continued, for once the festival was over, the theatre was dismantled and moved from the lagoon on to the mainland.

The cinema has now been donated to the local Yao Noi community.

New State of the Art Cinema Coming to Brighton

A little closer to home, Brighton’s Komedia building has made plans to house a cinema with 3 brand new screens and state of the art projection systems.

The new Duke of York’s Picturehouse will supply its three screens with the latest digital projector technology. The screens themselves will be the highest quality available, so the viewers can benefit from the sharpest picture in the area.

Komedia and Picturehouse have collaborated on this special project with the idea of providing local cinema-goers with the chance to see less-mainstream films, which aren’t usually catered for by the higher quality theatres.

John Barrenechea, The Duke of York’s General Manager believes the Komedia is the perfect space for them and has allowed them to make a move that the company has been dreaming of for years.

The new venue will have a combined capacity of 291 with an attached bar and cafe.

Written by Tim for Reflex, a long standing provider to the business audio visual industry and educational establishments

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