A New Direction For Apple Users


Apple released news on iOS6 taking users in a new direction. The new version of iOS is supposed to be released sometime in fall of this year. The information that Apple released included many changes and additions from previous versions of iOS that are supposed to make user’s everyday lives even easier. Some of the big changes include updating Siri, integrating social media and introducing the Passbook application to users.

More to Ask of Siri

When the iPhone 4S was released, it was the birth of Siri and people were amazed. However, once they started using Siri they realized it had quite a few glitches and malfunctions. Now that Apple released news on the iOS 6, Siri is going to be more reliable for iPhone users. The new Siri is going to be a lot more interactive than the older version. One of the major new features is “Eyes Free,” which disables the screen and allows cars to integrate with Siri through a microphone device on the steering wheel. The updated version of Siri will also include new languages, information of sports leagues, movie reviews and Yelp! Users can simply open any app by saying run or open along with the app name, making it quick and easy to access applications. Siri can even read notifications and update Facebook and Twitter for users.

Social Media Integration

In the past, a lot of iPhone users were having problems with social media applications on their phones. A majority of the time it was mostly Facebook because Twitter was integrated on the iOS 5 version. Apple has announced that they integrated Facebook into core applications on the iOS 6. Which means the address book can be synced with contact information from the user’s friends on Facebook, along with birthdays and events appearing on the calendar on your phone. They also integrated Facebook within Siri and third-party applications, making it easier and convenient for the user.

Release of Passbook

Always forgetting important things at home? Passbook is here to help you. This is a new application that is part of Apples release of iOS6. This application manages boarding passes, concert tickets, movie tickets, store loyalty cards and more for the user. Let’s not forget about coupons and gift cards either. Users don’t even have to take their iPhone case off to use this application. With a simple scan of your iPhone you can use your boarding pass or just redeem a coupon at a local store. Passbook will make traveling cross country or to your local grocery store more convenient for you.

Protecting Your Phone

Purchasing a new phone means protecting it also. Many people make the choice of purchasing insurance on their phones but not a case. Insurance does not cover everything that can break on a phone, but a case can. This is when choosing the best iPhone case comes in handy. These case choices can range from the Capsule RebelX case which is offered from SwitchEasy to the Otterbox. All the iPhone cases come in different styles from cases bedazzled in jewels to the hip mustache case. Don’t just keep your phone protected by a case, but keep it stylish.

Moving iPhone users in a new direction is exactly what Apple is doing with iOS6. Along with making daily tasks a lot easier and convenient. The advancement to Siri is what a lot of consumers are looking forward to, along with convenience of the Facebook integration and release of Passbook. These are just a few of the major changes and advancements that iOS6 will provide for us.

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