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How Facebook And Twitter Pictures Can Stifle Your Social Circle


When Facebook first hit the scene, most people treated it like it was a “private” public space.  In their minds, the only people viewing their pages were “Friends,” right?  You may have posted crazy pictures, wild pictures, and perhaps even some incriminating pictures.  In the brief time it took for Facebook to become one of the most popular social media sites, so much has changed. People who have used professional photography for their social networking photos are less likely to receive any complaints.  Their profile pictures are attractive and professional with just the right amount of personal touch.

Consider Professional Photographs for Your Social Networking Pages

Professional Photos for the Job Market

You might never have thought of your Facebook Page, or Pinterest Account, as your official job interview – but you might want to. According to Forbes, personal online profiles can be more beneficial to potential employers than a face-to-face interview when it comes to determining who you are, the quality of your character, and what you would be like to work with on a day-to-day basis.  Yikes! That might make you think twice about your profile picture if you are currently on the job market.

The Glamour Shots experience can be the perfect way to create the online image you want.  Professional makeup and hair artists, along with experienced photographers, will help to create a portrait shoot that demonstrates the best of who you are.  You can use props, poses, and a variety of outfits to find the perfect look for the online you.

Photos the Whole Family Can View

Let’s face it, you can only keep denying a family members’ “friend requests” for so long before suspicions are aroused. If your social networking appearance isn’t worthy of your family’s eyes, it may be time to step it up a notch. Go the extra mile and purchase a professional photography session and you’ll see how easy it is to replace your inappropriate pictures with a face that every mother will love.

Consider Future Friends

Have you ever gone to a new friend’s Facebook page, only to see that the person there seems nothing like the person you thought you just met?  Don’t let your page be a deterrent to new friends.  Once your professional photos help you land the perfect job, you can use them to upgrade your social networking pages to reflect the new and improved you.

Now that the Social Networking world has broadened, you never know who is going to view your pages.  From friends and immediate family members, to potential bosses and co-workers, it’s important to present the most attractive online version of you.

Mercedes Potter is an elite writer who knows how important it is to represent yourself well on Social Media sites. For more information on Glamour shots complaints, follow her @CedesPotter.

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