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There are workshops, training and online tutorials that are available that claim to help you understand the concept of career management. It is not to say these workshops and tutorials are all fake. The thing is, not everybody is meant to do everything on their own. Sometimes it is wiser and time efficient to simply call the experts. It’s like that movie with funny and hilarious ghosts. You want to bust these ghosts? You call the Ghostbusters. Likewise, you want the best people helping you out with your career, you call the career management services.

Choosing One
We live in an open economy and that we are, sometimes, spoilt with choice. That holds true to the entire industry of career management. Unlike buying a cup of soda or choosing a laundry service, engaging a career management service is complicated. This is your career we are talking about here. If you have decided to employ these services, that means you were humble to enough to admit that you can’t on your own.
That translates to another statistic. Once you are done with your choosing of a career management service, you are putting your entire future in their hands. So those hands that will be guiding you need to be capable. So, how do we find that?

Short List
Before we can find out which of these services are good, you need to find a list of career services. As a working professional, you are in direct contact with lots of other people at work place, commuting train, friends who may have used career management service. Before you jump ship and start searching for information online through search engines, try your own personal network.

It is always advisable that you are part of professional social networks such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn, though older than Facebook, is sort of like Facebook but without all the photos and games and apps. It is a serious social network and you would be wiser to be a member of that. So, a simply update on your status saying that you are currently looking for a career management service, will attract free advices from your online friend network.

Moving on from LinkedIn and coming to Facebook, there is nothing to suggest that the most popular social networking service in the world cannot be used to get some serious work done. You can either message your entire friend list for help, or simply search for career management services on Facebook itself. Almost everyone – individuals and businesses – seem to have a virtual presence on Facebook. Put your Facebook network to good use and you will have that list of probably career services to choose from, ready in no time!

Finding The Best
You have got your list ready by now. You have probably used a combination of search results that involves social networks, search engines and friend recommendations. So far, so good. Moving on, the best way to being rating the list of companies in your list to choose the best is to find out what their past customers think about. This method works for any company because everybody who has ever bought an anything has some kind of an opinion about it.

Since, this is a career company we are discussing here, you should begin your search on LinkedIn. It is a considered a de facto standard that a career happen has the minimum presence on this professional network. If a service on your list does not have a page on LinkedIn, you might want to scrap that off your list. Check that service provider’s page and see how many people recommend. Check if there are any among those who have recommend a service are part of your network. The same goes to analysing a company’s reputation via Facebook.

Last Stop
Once you scratched away those companies that build enough confidence in you, you will be left with perhaps two or three companies that don’t have a pencil line going through their. The final stop to analyse their own website.

The first thing you are going to check is the ‘About Us’ page. This is where companies usually tell a little about their history. What we are looking for is when they started operations. You know how companies are always asking for experience when they are in hiring mode? Well, in the career industry that is all that matters. So, you have to choose that company which has been in the game, the longest.

The author thought he had a pretty good grip over his career but he always knew something was missing. Those doubts were cast out, once he started availing the career services from TCMO.

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