5 Great Apps You Can Use To Teach Your Child About Science


Some children take to science easily, while others may need a bit more coaxing. Regardless of whether they love or hate science, apps are a great way to help them learn. Apps that include fun cartoon characters or focus on a topic they love, can help your children take their knowledge to the next level. The following are just five great apps you can use to teach your children about science.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration
Though a bit pricey at $13.99, The Elements is an interactive app that makes the periodic table into an interesting learning experience. What makes this app unique, and fun, is that each element shows an example of how it’s used in real life. For example, tin features a tin solider. If you go to the element’s second page of content, you’ll be presented with even more pictures and information about the element. This is an app that middle school aged students will find interesting.
Pocket Universe: Visual Sky Astronomy
If your young scientist loves to look at the stars, this $1.99 app is a must. All you have to do is point your iPhone at the night sky and it will tell you what you’re looking at. The app also allows the exploration of the solar system, complete with walks on the moon and surface of Mars. There are even quiz games you can use to test what your child has learned.

The Ultimate Dinopedia
Does your little one love dinosaurs? Then the $4.99 price tag for The Ultimate Dinopedia offered by National Geographic will be a great gift and learning experience all in one. The app features over 700 dinosaurs to view, kids will learn all about their favorite dinos. Best of all, there are even bonus videos on some species.

Happy Little Farmer
Happy Little Farmer is a relatively inexpensive app, costing only $1.99. The purpose of the app is to teach your children about the plant cycle in a fun and interactive manner. Setup like a game, the app encourages children to grow vegetables to feed to a hungry monster and to harvest all the veggies before they go bad. Best of all though, there are no in-app purchases so your little one won’t accidentally run up your credit card.

Sid’s Science Fair
Sid the Science Kid is the man when it comes to science. Kids just love him and why not. After all, he makes science fun. Created for children ages 3-6, this app allows children to explore the science fair with three addictive games that will capture the interest of young learners. At only $1.99, this is one you can’t pass up.

Getting your child to embrace science and finding new ways to make science fun is easy when you have a smartphone.

About the Author: Sheryll Wickenhauser is a science teacher with 3 children, so she’s always on the lookout for ways to make science more fun. Her youngest struggles with science and math and works with a group of Philadelphia tutors on a regular basis.

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