Vouchercloud: The No.1 Mobile Discount Voucher App


Vouchercloud is the number one voucher app and it’s easy to see why. Available on both iPhone and Android and with over one million downloads; this is the app for anyone looking to save money by finding a bargain or deal.

The app includes quite a range of categories which you can select from the horizontal scroll bar and in addition you have the ability to sort all offers available by distance, popularity or alphabetically. If you’re at home or at a friend’s house and want something to eat, a quick scan will give you all the deals available near you. On top of this, the deals are great!

Whether it be free gym memberships, 50% off food bills, 2 for 1 on electrical items you will definitely find something that tickles your fancy. Extremely handy too if you’re low on cash and someone’s birthday is coming up, you could get your mum or girlfriend a beauty treatment at the fraction of the original price without them even knowing.

Using Vouchercloud
Vouchercloud is extremely easy to use and claiming an offer is just a case of logging in, choosing the offer and showing it to the retailer. Long gone are the days of a crinkled sheet of A4 paper emerging from your pocket, just a short flash of the voucher or the voucher code on your phone’s screen will suffice. Simple and slick, it’s difficult to understand why anyone doesn’t have this amazingly useful application

The categories for offers available on Vouchercloud are: Restaurants, Casual Dining, Food to go, Bars and Pubs, Film and Theatre, Online Shopping, General Retail, Attractions, Days out, Property and Insurance, Professional Services and Automobiles.

Positives and Negatives
The only downside to it, if you could call it that, is the need to provide an email address and password, though this is minor and is done during the initial setup. Everyone’s telling me about the credit crunch, the economy’s failing and that we’re in for some hard times; though I could see it happening around me and even on occasion see it happen to me, I never truly felt it. Why? Because I’m using Vouchercloud to help save myself some money.

Final Thoughts
I’ve been playing around with the Vouchercloud app for a few weeks now and I’ll be honest previously I always thought these kind of apps were a waste of time (Even though I hadn’t used one) So I have been pleasantly surprised with the potential to save large amounts of money that it offers.

So if you’re looking for a way to save some cash give it a go, after all it is free!

Author: Darren Wall aka Prepay loves to write about everything mobile technology related from Smartphone’s, tablets and new technologies to the latest applications and games.

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