Big Buck Hunter Pro TV Game


Big Buck Hunter Pro TV Game

Short Version: Big Buck Hunter Pro TV Game is a good piece of video interactive to keep yourself occupied when you absolutely know that you cannot or don’t wont to move out of the environment of your house for that day. It recreates an old classic without too much variations and Jakks Pacific’s Big Buck Hunter Pro TV Game is a worthwhile investment to store.

  • Features: Plugging into the TV directly using RCA cables it attaches to the shotgun controller and the complete game is stored into the controller, with the wireless sensor placed on top of the TV. MSRP of $39.99

Pros: Excellent pick and play at $40. It will give you almost the same thrill as playing in the arcade.

Cons: The cursor for the screen aim is marginally slow leading to time loss, which is an irritant, the other being the gun controller, which is also smaller causing insufficient pump action.


Should bring back memories to many of the good old arcade days, when conversation and bravado went hand in hand with time effortlessly spent gaming with the traditional Jakks Pacific. It would end up being a total mesmerization of time before one realized that the bulk of the day has been spent up on this game. If that’s part of your life’s resume you will enjoy the Big Buck Hunter Pro TV Game.

This home version is also good enough to mesmerize your time and give you an evening of reminiscing while having sufficient fun not to think of yourself as bored. Well worth at the tag of $ 40 it is close enough to the arcade version and to the Big Buck Hunter II.

Games like this need serious gun handling and the controller appears to be somewhat cheap to have total confidence to do as you please while playing. Nevertheless it should be able to hold up sufficiently the manhandling involved with enjoying the game. The undeniable disappointment is the short barrel which makes the pump action to lose satisfaction, and since you remember the arcade that’s a lot of satisfaction ebbing a way.  If not for that the whole experience is pretty decent.

The biggest weakness in the whole package is the on-screen cursor for aiming, to shoot moving animals. The slow reaction lets the animals get the better of you, which is very frustrating. Using the sight on the barrel of the gun and ignoring the aim cursor might be the only way to overcome this weakness. The good thing is that the game does not register based on the aim of the curser but the position where the gun is fired so the slow reaction is relegated to a minor issue.

Not withstanding these issues, which can be, circumvented Big Buck Hunter can have a good hunting experience. For almost the amount that will cost you in the arcade for a day, this keep at home version provides a gaming time close enough to the original to make the $40 spent worthwhile.


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