A Medical Card that Fits in your Wallet


A Medical Card that Fits in your Wallet

Quick Look: A digital card for $40 that fits into your wallet in terms of both size, money and contains all critical medical information on a 1GB pullout USB stick.


Innovative and techno savvy the 911 Medical ID Card digitizes and stores all your critical medical information, making it all available in single location and ready to retrieve when needed. Should you experience an emergency the professional treating you will have your medical history right at hand on this digital card, which is to be carried in your wallet wherever you might go. This innovation will continue to find new uses. For instance it can be used even for veterinarians as they move to treat animals or when transporting show animals from place to place.

The card contains a pull out USB connector, which can be plugged onto the computer in quick time. The software of this card immediately   provides the required information of the cardholder categorized under the headings of Personal, Past diagnosis, drugs prescribed in the past, Allergies, Medical Personnel, Medical interventions, Insurance, and Family Socio/medical record. This card is still not available for Mac users.

The software has user-friendly formats, which can be stored online, or as printouts in case the card happens to get lost.

Marginally thicker than the other cards your wallet would generally carry, it is best put into the wallet after slotting it in a pouch or a suitable cover.

Though the interface is not outstanding, in terms of the medical profession this is cutting edge stuff and extremely impressive. This could indeed be a standard device which has to be carried by all patients at a future date.

What’s amazing is that apart from your medical info EKGs, MRIs,  X-Rays, other medical tests and information can be stored  in digitized format by your doctor. You can choose to store your files under “My Files”, either protected or unprotected. You could even choose to store information of up to 10 family members under the “My Family Profiles” section.


This card is a cost effective way of storing all your medical information in one place enabling immediate and swift retrieval in case of an emergency. The ability to extend this to family members coupled with facility of online storage and protection of data makes this an innovation the time for which has come. It is unfortunate that Mac users are left behind for the moment.

It is imperative now to lobby and ensure that all emergency vehicles have an onboard computer to plug the USB and emergency staff are trained to retrieve information whether at the site of the emergency or in hospital. If for some reason the information cannot be retrieved due to any of these factors it would truly be both unfortunate and criminal.

This card going at  $40 is a cool and techno savvy way to carry all your critical medical information. A newer Medallion with 2GB of built-in storage is also currently available.


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