BlackBerry Pearl 3G a first of its kind


The BlackBerry series is marketed as a smartphone model for the on-the-go businessman, with its superb mobile email functions. This particular model, the Pearl 3G however, is quite different from the models offered by the company as it does not have the usual QWERTY keypad. No touchscreen capabilities present in this device, as this goes old school with an alphanumeric keypad. There is however the SureType algorithm to compromise for the lack of a QWERTY keypad, as well as an optical trackpad for use.

While the tech-savvy user will look down upon this product from one of the top smartphone companies in the world, there are still a number of users who would rather buy this than any other type. Perhaps it is its no-fuss and simple vibe that have a lot of people who are new to the smartphone world raving about it. It may not have features as extensive as other upscale models, it however offers the basics – just what the ordinary consumer might need.

In terms of build, this weighs in at about 93g, which is relatively light compared to its competitors. It is also pretty compact, measuring 108x50x13.3mm in size. The LCD display is at 2.2 inches, offering resolution of 400×360 pixels, which is already decent in this arena. Font size can also be customized, depending on how good one’s eyesight is.

This phone also comes with a screen lock and password protection, perfect for those who have a lot of personal items stored in it. Organizing is also done with ease and simplicity, thanks to the dedicated functions.

The typical messaging options are also present, like in most BlackBerry phones. There’s the BlackBerry Messenger, which allows you to connect to other BlackBerry users in an instant. Of course there are SMS, MMS, push email with attachment viewer and instant messaging programs available as well. Also, never miss a message especially in a quiet surrounding with the phone’s vibration alert.

While access to the apps is not that supported, one very important program is already installed in the phone. GPS capability with full support of BlackBerry Maps is present, which is ideal for the frequent traveler. One can never get lost or stumble upon an unknown terrain, for as long as this is utilized. Don’t forget, if your looking to get a BlackBerry or sell a BlackBerry there are many avenues available where you can get cash for mobiles to help fund your next mobile phone purchase.

Surfing the internet is also possible with its built-in web browser. 3G, GPRS and EDGE connectivity is available, as well as Wi-Fi support. Those who need to connect to the internet 24/7 will surely find this feature useful and attractive.

To hone’s one’s artisitic side, a 3.2-megapixel camera is provided. This comes with 2.5x digital zoom, autofocus and flash, perfect for situation with little to no available light. While a lot of digital cameras have much better specifications, this can already be useful especially for moments when your digicam’s battery runs out and you need to take a snapshot of that moment. Besides, if this phone is targeted towards the basic user, picture-taking capabilities are not at the top of this market’s priorities.

Internal memory measures 256mb, although it can be expanded up to 32GB with its memory card slot. Should a full memory still be problem, a USB cord can be connected to your desktop PC or laptop. Sending files through Bluetooth 2.1 is also possible.

With its 1150mAh battery, the phone can standby for up to 13 days, which is almost two weeks without use. Talking on the phone for five hours can also be done on a full charge.

If you want an excellent phone that can deliver the basic necessities in communication, then the BlackBerry Pearl 3G is perfect for you. No fuss, no frills, just smooth and easy operation. However should you wish to sell phones that you no longer need, in order to make cash for a new phone purchase then recycling sites are the ideal solution to helping you acheive this.

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