Kindle Fire 8.9" HD – Will It Challenge The iPad?


The Kindle Fire 8.9 HD tablet has a refined screen with a great resolution that delivers deep rich color from all angles. It has been designed with an anti-glare screen and advanced polarizing filter, which makes it easy to see while riding in a vehicle.

Everyone can enjoy videos, TV shows, movies, music and other features from the Kindle Fire while traveling. The dual stereo speakers produce vivid sound from both sides of the screen. There is no distortion of the sound whether you have it turned up high or listen to it quietly in the backseat. You can use headphones for listening to music, movies or talking on Skype.

Kids will have a ball with all the games they can pull up on the Kindle. The multi touch controls are easy to use and the whole tablet can be tilted or turned for other players without disturbing the game. GameCircle will allow your kids to interact with their friends on Facebook and other media sites and keep them occupied for hours.

Any of the games that have a Wispersync title can also be store. The child can leave the game for site seeing and come right back to the same spot where he left the game. The Kindle is designed to handle the rough treatment that kids put a table through while traveling. Parents will have no worries about allowing the child to use the Kindle on their own.

You will be able to stay in touch with anyone at home or anywhere, with your face-to-face free Skype HD video. The Skype app has already been pre-installed with a camera that is front facing, with high definition features. You can also keep up with all your email sending and receiving from all the popular providers. Facebook is also integrated into the Kindle so you can play games, keep in touch with family and friends or share photos with just a touch on the screen.

Many times when traveling the radio in your vehicle fades out, picks up a lot of static or just is not playing what you want to hear. With the Kindle Fire, you can enjoy the type of music you like from a selection of over 20 million songs. Any music you have already bought can be stored to the cloud and you can enjoy your songs at anytime. Traveling with your Kindle Fire will keep everyone occupied and happy.

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