Five Important Tips for Computer Hardware Maintenance


We are all not made of money and buying a new computer every time there is an error or problem does not fit into most people’s budgets. Therefore we need to take better care of the equipment we have and perform regular computer hardware maintenance.

Five important tips for computer hardware maintenance

Below I am going to mention five important tips the computer hardware maintenance. If you have run into computer problems before then you will be familiar with these simple tips that can help you prevent computer hardware failure.

Clean inside your computer

Five Important Tips for Computer Hardware Maintenance

The average computer user does not realize that dust is getting sucked into your computer and resting on the computer components inside. This is a common cause of computer hardware failure and this issue needs to be addressed. There are fans constantly running inside your computer that Paul the dust in. The dust then gets stuck on to the fans, inside the power supply, or on to other components. Dust has been known to blow up power supplies with a big bang. It is also be known to cause overheating with computer processors as they cannot get their regular cooling from the fans that are full of dust.

Use a surge protector

We all know that a surge in the power or a sudden outage can cause problems with all electrical items. Therefore we need a surge protector connected to our computers to protect our precious files and darter that we have stored. It is not rocket science, but an important part of computer hardware maintenance, as it will protect your computer from harmful power surges.

Avoid moisture

All of these computer hardware maintenance tips are very obvious but people still ignore them. Why do people sit there drinks directly next to their keyboards or on top of their computers? I have no idea, but I have seen the damage that has been done when the drinks are spilt. Some computer keyboards can survive however spilling drinks and working computer components such as a mother board will definitely cause a computer melt down.

Do not leave devices plugged in

Many computer users believe that it is better to leave your computer running 24 seven and only shut it down occasionally. I agree that this is okay, however many computer users also leave all of their devices plugged in as well. For example, it is not necessary to leave an external hard drive that you used as storage purposes, plugged in full-time. Each time you turn on your computer, it searches for devices and they are officially in use even though you are not using them. People also do this with USB flash drives. It is not necessary to keep these devices plugged in and it reduces their shelflife.

Care for your components

We not only have to care for the components working inside our computer, but we have to care for the components that might be used inside our computers. For example people have spare computer hard drives or sometimes computer memory that could possibly be used in an emergency. These spare parts need to be cared for by being stored correctly. Storing computer components in and antistatic bag will protect them from a static electricity and dust.

Computer hardware maintenance is often neglected until something goes wrong in your computer. Why not be aware of what could possibly go wrong and tried to prevent these hardware failures.

Are you guilty of neglecting your computer hardware? If you are then you need to check out my article that mentions more computer hardware maintenance tips for you to follow. You can reform yourself to day and start caring for your computer. (Yes I love computers)

My name is Mitz Pantic and I have a computer tips website where I share free step-by-step tutorials and videos to help you maintain your computer.

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