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Kindle and Nook ereaders have taken the world by storm. Does this mean you have to invest in an ereader to enjoy the benefits of these services? Of course not. There are a number of ways to enjoy Kindle and Nook books without paying the hefty price for an ereader. Here are just a few of the non-Kindle ereaders.

Kindle Options

There are a number of devices that allow users to read Kindle books. One of the most popular options is software for the computer. Software can be downloaded for Mac and PC computers that allow users to browse for books, enjoy free titles, buy books, keep up with their place in the book and even use Whisper-Sync technology to communicate with other devices using the Kindle, including cell phones. This means that you can be reading a book on your computer and pick up where you left off on your cell phone. Best of all, the software is free and has very few requirements for installation.

Another popular option is the Kindle app. The Kindle app is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile cell phones. The app is also available on many tablets, including the iPad and Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile based tablets. The app is easy to use and free to install. You can browse for books on your phone or buy them on your computer and when you sync your app, the books will appear.

Nook Options

Nook offers many of the same options that Kindle does, but not as many. There is software for Macs and PCs, which are free and easy to download and use. Users have the options to highlight and make notes about the books they are reading and sample any of the 2 million books Nook offers for free. There’s also an option that allows you to lend any of your books to other Nook users.

As for cell phones and tablets, Nook doesn’t over as many options. Those that use Android based phones or iPhones will be able to use the Nook app, but Blackberry and Windows Mobile users are left out. The Nook app is also available on the iPad and there’s even a Nook Kids app for the IPad.

Why not take advantage of all these great offers? Add the apps for the Kindle and Nook to your computer, cell phone and tablet. You’ll have the best of both ereader worlds, without having to buy both ereaders. Best of all, you’ll have access to millions of books.

About the Author: Darryl Gerbatz is a huge fan of technology and loves using his Kindle PC application to download books. He’s also a major fan of cell phone technology and is currently studying how Android’s smartphone market share is changing.

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