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Key Benefits Of Joining Linkedin


Linkedin is the most popular social networking site for professionals. It shies away from a focus on personal life like most social networking sites, and instead emphasizes professional connections and careers. Millions of people use Linkedin all over the world. It is a growing tool for employers to discover new talent, for professionals to connect with the like-minded, and for employees to find new career opportunities. If you’re hesitant to join Linkedin because you’re already overwhelmed with social media, think again. Linkedin is one of the sites that can really potentially benefit you if you use it well. If you’re serious about your career, here are some of the benefits for you in joining Linkedin.


The most important part about any career is who you know. Your contacts will be your lifelines when you need them. You have to know people to get ahead, improve, and stay relevant in your business. With Linkedin, you can build and maintain a large network of contacts. When you join, you can import your email contacts and instantly be connected with people you already know, and from there you can concentrate on developing more relationships. Your contacts will be neat and organized for you whenever you need them, and all the information can be exported for safe keeping.

Alumni Groups

Linkedin is a great way to connect with alumni from your educational institutions. It’s well known that alumni like to help other alumni, and expanding you network of fellow graduates is a great way to open up career opportunities. Follow alumni from your school or schools, and use Linkedin as a way to learn about alumni events and networking chances.

Your Profile

Your Linkedin profile reads much more like a resume than a personal bio. It will contain all relevant information concerning your education, experience and expertise. If you’re applying for a job, there is a good chance your employer will “Google” you, and it’d be great if they find a source of information on you that highlights your professional experience. If you’re lucky, you may even be offered a job opportunity just based on your profile. Employers can search for people that meet certain criteria, and you could be what they’re looking for.

Job Search

There is also a feature that allows you to search for jobs. This is a great tool because the jobs are current and relevant. Many major companies post jobs on the site, and Linkedin will even notify you when a new job that you might be interested in is posted. You can apply for jobs directly though Linkedin, and potential employers can view your profile along with your application, which helps streamline the process and give them a better look at who you are.

Linkedin is overall a great way to connect with other professionals in your field. It’s a resource for building and cultivating relationships. Just remember that your Linkedin profile is a reflection of you, including the people you are connected with through the site. Also, make sure you keep your profile up to date. Don’t just join Linkedin and forget about it, or people could end up reading inaccurate or old information about you.

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