Best Forums To Refer For iOS Developers


Here, the forums come into play where you can share your problems with a group of similar-minded people or people belonging to the same field who might have encountered the same issue earlier or working on something relevant to your search. It’s an easy way to get in touch with experienced professionals from different parts of the world. There are plenty of active forums that are serving individual needs. You can easily find one for mobile development or iPhone development, iPad development or blackberry, just any technology you need.

Best Forums To Refer For iOS Developers

Below given is the list of most preferred forums among iOS developers that will help you a bit:

  • Mac Rumours: It is often renowned as a website to get latest feeds relevant to Apple news and rumours. It has an active iPad and iPhone development forum as well. The majority of threads contain a least of 2-3 replies and you can easily get a variety of topics. It is definitely a worth posting your question here.
  • Stack Overflow: Started by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky in 2008, Stack Overflow is one of the most active Q&A sites for all the techies out there. It is quite simple to use. You can directly switch to the iOS tag and find whether there is already a solution posted relevant to your requirement because it is likely to be there already. If you just ask your question without searching through, be ready to hear about it. Check out the relevant tags as well if there is any section or information that you might have missed.
  • Ray Wenderlich: Ray’s forum is the one most sensible. You will find only three main categories of discussion including General Discussion, Official Tutorials and Tips/Tricks/Advice. This forum is managed in a streamlined manner without any repetitive things. It won’t be wrong to say that he and his writers are aware of their stuff. This site is a tremendous resource for any developer. It has got a downside too. The line breaks in between the words might be disturbing at times, but one can easily survive that.
  • Insanely Mac: You can consider the InsanelyMac as a news site just like Mac Rumours having a complete section for iOS developers, but it does not have any active forum. This does not imply that it is less useful. Make sure you have explored the complete forum as it contains a myriad range of topics. Even it has discussions in more than one language so that people coming from any part of the world can refer to it.
  • Apple Developer Forums: Don’t forget to explore the Apple Developer Forums, another trusted developer forum where you can get answers from the fellow developers as well as Apple engineering professionals. The good thing about this firm is one should be registered developer to post anything on the forum; hence there will be less spammy things.

If you are an iOS developer too, you must consider checking out the above mentioned forums instead of spending too much of time on Google Search. You are likely to get way better solutions among the group of experienced personnel.

Author Bio:Macy Jones is currently associated with AppXperts – one of the leading firms into app development, Sydney. She is a keen researcher who explores the things to the depth so as to bring out the best of her work. Connect her on FB & Twitter to know more.

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