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TD Web Services: Cloud Storage and Business Hosting


Perhaps the most decisive factor when starting an online business is your choice of a web host. A good web host must have robust and reliable server infrastructure that incorporates speed with state-of-the-art security features, content backup and power backup systems.

Headquartered in Liechtenstein / Switzerland, TD Web Services is the top rated global web host that has everything an entrepreneur needs for online success. They power small start-ups, individual blogs, large business co-corporations and organizations. TD Web Services is the web host of choice for organizations and businesses that are growing fast due to the scalability and affordability of their hosting plans.

TD Web Services: Cloud Storage and Business Hosting

Small websites hosted at TD Web Services servers have the advantage of running on an infrastructure that was designed, built and is maintained to handle big clients.

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Cloud Storage

More cloud connected devices are entering the global market each year. Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and PCs are creating a revolution in digital content hosting and management. From a low 7% in 2011, cloud storage is expected to exceed 36% of all user content in 2016. Cloud computing has many benefits for commercial companies, two of which are:

  • Scalability that allows for growth of your server resources as your business grows. The flexibility of cloud storage has been noted to be the greatest reason why businesses are moving to cloud hosting.
  • Reliability, cheaper cost and faster disaster recovery times. Data stored in a cloud is quickly accessible in the event of loss.

What to Look for in a Good Web Host

While you should never purchase a hosting plan just because of its low price, shared hosting is the cheapest hosting plan available with the best web hosts. Different hosting packages allow for scalability – growth of your website. In addition, a good web host should provide enough data storage space and traffic bandwidth at a reasonable cost. Users should be able to upload, download files and manage their website from a central point (the control panel). Other must-have capabilities include website backups, server uptime guarantees and support for popular programming languages and databases. With a good web hosting company, it should be easy to install scripts and applications, discover visitor trends through server traffic statistics and have full access to excellent customer service for support. How does TD Web Services stack up against all these?

TD Web Services Hosting Packages

Business Hosting:

Business Hosting starts from $3/month for Small plan, $4.50/month for Medium, $9/month for Large and $18/month for Super plan. All Business Hosting plans come with free 25GB cloud storage.

Small: 1GB storage and 20GB of monthly bandwidth.

Medium: 5GB storage, 100 GB of monthly bandwidth, 25 GB cloud and free domain.

Large: 15GB storage with 300 GB monthly bandwidth and free domain.

Super: 25 GB storage with 500 GB of monthly bandwidth and a free domain.

You can read more on TD Web Services business hosting plans.

Enterprise Hosting:

Enterprise Hosting starts from $30/month for STARTUP, $50/month for SMALL BUSINESS, $80/month for CORPORATE and $100/month for ENTERPRISE.

The Enterprise Hosting plan gives you Free SSL Certificate, greater storage space of up to 120 GB and increased monthly bandwidth of up to 1200GB. Depending on your plan, you get a GigaBit Port, Dedicated IP Address, 50 GB cloud storage and a free domain.

Read more on TD Web Services enterprise hosting plans.

Other Plans:

They also have Dedicated Servers, Advanced Cloud and Private Cloud plans.

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ALL clients in ALL the TD Web Services hosting plans get ALL of the following:

  • Fast website load speeds.
  • Advanced site security through latest and updated security software and server technology. In addition, you get free weekly virus and malware scans.
  • Free weekly data backups that is done on-site and off-site and stored for 7 days.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • Scalability: When your website outgrows its current plan, you can upgrade to a bigger plan with more server resources.
  • One-Click, free script installation so that you spend LESS time setting up your website and MORE time working and growing it.
  • 99.990% uptime guarantee – your website is always up and running.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. In addition, TD Web Services gives you an unmatched refund for unused services if you wish to cancel after the 30 days.

Risk free Hosting

Get great customer support that is available 24/7/365 and will assist even with the simplest tasks. The professional and in-house customer service team at TD Web Services is honest and listens to all your suggestions. Get a 30 day money back guarantee for any plan you purchase, plus 99.990% uptime guarantee, free weekly back ups and free virus and malware scans.

Powerful and Updated Control Panel

Each domain is accessed and managed through an updated cpanel that is secure. You can perform FTP uploads and downloads, create sub-domains, access your databases and perform script installations at any time through this powerful cpanel.

Free server Analytics

server analytics

Grow your website traffic by monitoring visitor trends and other server analytics data for your website through the free and powerful AWStats server tool.

One-Click Install

Install WordPress in under five minutes. Run and install great scripts, including the popular Softaculous script) via your cpanel with the one-click script installation feature.


  • Free cloud storage.
  • Great customer support team who are extremely honest and always available.
  • Many hosting packages that are scalable and are affordable.
  • Risk free hosting with 30 day money back guarantee and great customer support.
  • Accessibility through a powerful cpanel and access to server data.
  • Updated security both at software and hardware level to ensure your site is up and running at a 99.990% uptime guarantee.
  • Robust server performance for faster website speed.
  • Powerful server infrastructure built for big business and organizations that also powers startups and small websites.


Many hosting packages are extremely good for affordability and suitability, but might confuse first-time visitors.


TD Web Services is the leader in cloud storage, the technology of the future. The highest rated global web host has designed, built and manages a highly scalable server infrastructure that will allow your server resources to grow as your business grows. They have a professional in-house customer service team that treats you with honesty, integrity and respect. And with the great free services such as the weekly virus/ malware scans and website backups, TD Web Services give you a truly risk-free website hosting plan at an affordable price. You can relax and work on growing your business and website knowing they your website is totally secure and always up and running. This is why we always host with TD Web Services.

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