Sony BLU-ray BDP-S370


The company never stops to amaze the crowd. Sony introduces blue player that has the ability to play different verity of formats. With 1080 pixels the player can play high definition videos with great audio quality.  BDP S370 provides user with ultimate viewing experience. They have not only adjusted picture but also refined color display. Now you can get deep color experience. With immense color quality it is just like cinema at home. The player supports 24 pixel true cinemas. It means it can play discs at the speed of 24 fames/ second. It is also capable of playing your DVD collection.

We usually forget about our auditory sense and a player without good quality sound can not be awesome. It is just like going to Movie Theater and watching a film without sound. It will not matter how superb the production is. The thing is sound so the same is true for your home cinema. That is why the player is armed with good audio technology. It has features like noise reduction, true high definition, LPCM and DTS also. Now if the user wishes to implement these features he/she should have 7.1 channel speakers. Blu ray over powers DVDs because it has 5 times more data holding ability. That is not found on any DVD player. With BD the user can watch stuff behind curtains. You can watch director interview, how the movie was made and good quality games. All this can be done if there is a WI-FI.

Once the users have saved the BD live onto their flash they can transfer it to other devices in the house, as long as the user posses DLNA. The device was solely created for file sharing. If you have an iphone then it gets good here. Sony has designed an application which transforms the iphone from phone to a remote control for the player. Every content can be managed with the help of this application and is available every Sony product. If the users do not take care of the device it has the quality to plunge into standby mode. The machine also comes with child lock system, so that children do not mess with the device. This all helps to save precious energy and this is also environment friendly.

Sony BLU-ray BDP-S370

There is already WI-FI in the device but there is part of puzzle that is missing. The user must buy additional adapter for this application. So if you are going to buy this player be ready for addition adapter. The blu- ray is energy star player; moreover it is designed to perform just like an energy efficient device. Sony has decreased its weight and size which has certainly increased its beauty and made this machine easy to carry also. The player is also equipped with different out and inputs like 7.1 audio channel, Ethernet port, HDMI and there is two USB ports which allows the user to hook it up with WI-FI adapter.

Taking this blue- player into your home is good choice. It is slim, decent and does not weigh much. Have WI-FI and many other applications. With goo quality audio and video this player can really rock.

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