4 Hot laptops to Buy


Below is a list of 5 hot new laptops from which either can satisfy your laptop hunger. This is so because the items listed below either give the user the performance worth their money or they might excel in a special category or maybe just because their appearance is very attractive.

Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A

4 Hot laptops to Buy

So lets kickoff with Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A, a slim net book having stylish and unique appearance. The glossy look along with a great and long life spanned battery plus a good rather excellent display screen and if that was not enough the smart book also has the new 2nd generation Core that is Intel’s i5. It is very portable and perhaps one of the slimmest pieces of modern laptops that one has ever encountered in his or her life. While if a glance is taken at a few of its backsides some can argue about this laptop having flaws like the fact that it is very high priced in  the markets and this makes other expensive laptops look affordable and cheap. Also its design is not that good when compared to products like MacBook Air. The bottom line is that this might not be affordable for everyone and yet this light and well featured is worthy of one’s wallet.

Toshiba Portege R835

4 Hot laptops to Buy

Moving further it is Toshiba Portege R835 with an Intel i5 C.P.U at its core. Also featuring an attractive and good design the smart nook also comes with an excellent battery life that almost runs all day long without recharge. However, the graphics do not satisfy the gamers despite intel integration. Also features like Bluetooth and wire free broadband cannot be found in the configuration. What is the final verdict? Well, if it has made it into the list it is worth a buy because a good battery life that can last a whole year at least plus a few extra features makes the series difficult to beat.

Dell XPS15z

4 Hot laptops to Buy

Then comes the new Dell XPS15z which is extremely slim and smart for a midsized laptop. The slim top also includes a very powerful C.P.U and a mid ranged GPU. Adding to that a 1080 pixel display and a keyboard, which is backlit, make the XPS15z somewhat invincible. Yet nothing is invincible that is why it is not that slim and also with such a high price a better GPU and battery life is expected. Despite that the Dell claims it to be one of the slimmest laptops with an attractive look and upgradable features and also to buy at a reasonable price starting bellow than $1000 is not that much of a bad deal.

MacBook Pro

4 Hot laptops to Buy

With powerful upgrades to the CPU & GPU is The MacBook Pro. Along with an excellent battery life the smart and really smart Book has the best ever touch pad to date and also some say the very same for its motion control. However, the upgrades get expensive However, the upgrades get expensive and no HDMI or Blu-Ray compatible with Thunderbolt technology. Still the good graphics and I/O Thunderbolt port make it worth a shot than any other laptops so far.

Sony BLU-ray BDP-S370

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