The Location Is Everything


When it comes to film production, those in the know will always tell you that the most important thing is the script. It is certainly true that you can make a bad movie out of a great script, despite its story, but this will still be 10 times better than a well-made film of a poor script.

There are the actors and actresses to consider, with the quality of their performance affecting the final product. Then there is the budget and props, lighting, editing costs and all kinds of other things to think about. However, the place where it is set is also key to making the story come to life – and with photography this becomes even more crucial than in film.
Even with the greatest supermodels on the planet, doing something different and shooting the editorial piece from a certain perspective requires carefully chosen settings and the right kind of scenery.
For those who are involved with photography for a living, finding the ideal places to shoot the pictures is very important to how the photos will come out and be received. Professionals therefore need to be careful in picking the location for every project they work on.

This is true whether the scenery is the main focus or the model/object in question. You may be after a certain picture within a particular type of environment. However, gaining access to such a building, grounds or land is not always as straightforward as it would seem.

Getting permission from the owners of the location where you would ideally like the shoot to take place can certainly take time. But by going direct to the location specialists, you can browse through a top selection of locations within their portfolio and choose the perfect one for the sort of shoot you are looking to do.

By going down this route, you can make the process that much simpler and can focus your attentions on the photography itself and not the organisation that comes with the territory. It can be cost effective to consider these services too.

Saving time on searching for the precise location you have in mind is a great money saver and allows you to sort out the other arrangements instead.

Like was mentioned before, with a film you do need a good script as well as a decent setting for the production to go well – but with photography you need to find a place that ticks all the right boxes and is available to use for the shoot too.

This article was written by Alexander Barrow, a specialist in photography and finding suitable shoot locations for every project.

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