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Which One Is Better, Blog Or Website?


While thinking of business online, almost all the people have to encounter a simple but confusing question within their mind. This is: Which one is better, blog or website? Isn’t it already springs up in your mind? Guess yes!

Which One Is Better, Blog Or Website

Well, prior to answering this question, I want to let you know something about blog. Blog is not a website. Furthermore, most of the people around the world mixed it up with the website. Blog is nothing but a bunch of entries that are organized by category and date. Most recent posts will appear on top where the old ones are on the bottom of the blog.

Blog and Website

The need of blog and website varies for different purposes and it’s not the same. In my personal point of view, it will be wise to go for a website if you like to promote your clothing or drug business on the web.

If you are using a blog in any hosted blog service like WordPress, then you can simply turn your blog to a website. WordPress order the posts by reverse sequential order by default. So, all you need to include static plug-in to turn the blog into a static site.

The Way to Setting up a Blog

First of all, you need to decide on a web host and domain name to start off. Blogger can be an easiest way to setting up a free blog. If you are thinking of business online, then Blogger is not the right place for you. If that is the case, WordPress could be a best solution for you. However, if the Blogger or WordPress comes to a decision to shut down your blog, you have nothing to do but cry for your lost contents!

While naming your domain, there is no need to go for any desired name as most of the services have the popularity, and you can easily use it for your own purpose! Bluehost and Hostgator are good at this purpose. They will facilitate you with exclusive CPANEL features, which will help you to set up a WordPress blog in a break. And, it’s free! All you just need to do is to login to your account and press the “Install WordPress” button, and your blog will be on its way!

Don’t you have any knowledge on PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.? Well, it’s not required as WordPress is ready to facilitate you with creating, editing and managing the web pages of your blog.

The sweetest thing about WordPress is that there are lots of plug-in available on the web that can help you to set up your blog according to your desire. With those plug-in, you can do whatever you wish to!

Which One is the Best?

As I’m experienced with both of them, I can suggest you perfectly. As I said earlier, you need to feel your demand prior to setting up a blog or website. It’s entirely up to your business strategy. If you are very eager to build a website, then you should go for free web hosting services as the hosting services are so cheap today.

I hope this piece of writing will help you for sure! So, why are you waiting for? Let’s have a trial!

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