The Game of Destruction – Assault Commando in your iPhone and iPad


The Game of Destruction – Assault Commando in your iPhone and iPadAs the name suggests, Assault Commando is a game of destruction. The theme appears to be situated in Asian jungle even though 3D Magic predicts the game is oriented in a place of South America. The animation reminds a remote south-east land of Asia, but it is not going to matter where the place is located.

The game of Assault Commando is similar to another hit and run game which we would have enjoyed in our childhood and teens. The story or plan of the game is not related to its location. Regardless of the orientation, your task is to destroy every thing that you come across. You have to struggle through the forests and other landscape irrespective of its location and fight against enemies you are faced.

In the process of destruction, you are armed with limited weapons, but you have to face range of enemies with more ammunition than you imagine. The game runs with a good sound track to match the attack. The theme of the game is set in such a way you have the feel of real big hero while you play it. You take pride in killing more enemies with the limited armaments. Background score is fantastic, and the design and settings are highly oriented and actions are graphically developed to create three dimensional effects. You should always be alert to face enemies any moment. Even a second of distraction from the game is enough for your rivals to finish you off.

One will definitely admire the sound effects of Assault Commando if he starts playing this game. The background music adds extra plus point to this game and that is what keeps you locked inside. With extraordinary sound effects the game is sure to hit the market. The movements of different weapons are clearly portrayed in this game. And the sound produced by wide range of armaments is truly exciting and gives you a real feeling of fighting with enemies. It can be equaled to the sound effects of action movies of great heroes.

Apart from the usual theme and fighting modes, sometimes this game of Assault Commando allows you to escape via speed boat in case of distress. If you are totally messed up surrounded by enemies with huge weapons you can jump into a boat for rescue. Apart from this feature, this game is a usual destruction plan allowing you to attack anything that you come across.

Anybody can learn this game easily but it is difficult to destroy lot of enemies which is challenging. This game does not provide any new theme and is not attracting in any sense. You will not have chance to use your brain for solving a riddle neither this game gives you an opportunity to use your creativity or skill in any form. This game is intended for destruction and if you like attacking enemies, you will love this game.

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