Lenovo Idea Centre K330, Desktop PC


Lenovo Idea Centre K330, Desktop PC

Tired of old and boring desktops; well try the new shinny black idea center. With a fair price of $ 600 IBM is hoping that the new pc will sell like anything. The desktop comes with a power of 280 watts. There are 6 USB ports in the pc. Hard drive of pc has a rotation speed of 7200 and this is a lot if you are an average user. But if you are still not satisfied, then there is always a choice for external drive. The pc does not support 3.0 USB or SATA. The pc is thank God safe from bloat ware etc.

The pc has 2G Intel’s core processor which has elevated its ranking. When various tests were performed like Photoshop etc the pc did them with great ease.  Lenovo has 8GB ram and space of 1000GB. Have good quality graphic card. 3D games can be played but if you are a gaming freak then you would be disappointed. This is what we can expect at $ 600 and at this price it is a lot to offer. The pc has dual layer rewritable optical drive which common in most desktops. A mixture of good hard drive, ram and a graphic card is superb because the new Lenovo surpasses all other competitors as they have less HD, ram and a graphic card. So taking it would be a wise choice indeed.

The new idea center comes in tower and has a decent look and is not boring or ugly either. The pc has an inside space for extra HD, if you want to make your desktop look more beautiful and not like a contraption or mess of wires here and there etc. OS is windows seven which is common in all PCs. Another good thing is the fact that Lenovo’s HD can be upgraded and that feature is not available in some of the PCs which scores another bonus point for it. Idea centre is capable of handling all programs that a normal desktop is capable of, viz  editing photos, multi media, movie making etc. The pc is also equipped with card reader slot. That enables you to put the card and transfer your data into the pc. Moreover the desktop has HDMI port which is also very use full.

Over all the pc is quite fantastic has some pros and cons, 280 watts power supply, graphic card etc  but it is stylish, i unique has lots to offer and for a normal user it is very cheap. You can watch HD videos which is quite fancy indeed. Most of the PCs do not function very long and they die very early or fail users’ expectations. But that’s not the case with the new Lenovo. It can live up to 7 years and this is a long life for a PC. Who knows if you use it properly and do not mess with it in any way possible it can last even longer then your expectations. Try Lenovo for a change. Let it sit in your home for a while and you will definitely love things that this machine can do.

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