3 Must-Have iPhone 4S Accessories


I guess the iPhone 4S is one of the most discussed smartphones at the moment, together with the Samsung Nexus Prime and Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone-based smartphones. Unlike the latter ones, the Apple iPhone 4S is already released; many people have bought it and are already benefiting from its powerful processor, upgraded camera and, of course, the much discussed Siri.

Are you also one of the Lucky owners of the new iPhone 4S? Or are you planning to buy it? Then perhaps you would like to learn about some useful iPhone 4S accessories. Here are three accessories that I think are a must for all iPhone owners.

1. Car Mount

The first must-have accessory for every smartphone user who owns a car, too, is a car mount. And if you’re looking for a good mount for your new iPhone 4S, maybe you should have a look at Proclip iPhone 4S mount made from heat- and cold-resistant plastic. It will hold your phone securely, keeping it within easy reach, so you can still easily make calls and get driving directions via GPS. It will charge your phone, too, plus it looks really cool and will decorate your car’s interior.

This car mount costs $69.99 – quite a usual price for such an accessory.

2. Bluetooth Headset

The next must-have accessory for car owners (and not only for them) is a Bluetooth headset that helps you easily answer phone calls and listen to music keeping your hands free. And the absence of wires and cables is also a big plus, especially for those behind the wheel.

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC2 is one of the best Bluetooth headsets I’ve ever met; it’s compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, including the new Apple iPhone 4S. And $199.95 seems to be quite a price only at first glance, but when you think about it you understand it’s not that much for a “smart” headset that “understands” when you’re wearing it on your ear and when you’re not. Plus it provides great audio quality and a number of useful features (it automatically answers calls when you put it on, prevents accidental dialing, pauses your music when you take it off, and so on).

Of course, there is a number of other good Bluetooth headsets in the market, and we’ll discuss cheaper variants in our upcoming posts, but I personally think this one is a great option for the iPhone 4S – it will provide good Siri performance.

3. Phone Wipes

Phone WipesMaybe wipes aren’t a must for most smartphone users, but I think they’re a nice addition that helps keep our devices clean and tidy. And it’s especially important for women who often “leave” their makeup on their phones’ screens.

There was a time when I used alcohol to clean my phone’s touchscreen and case, but later I realized it wasn’t a good idea at all – alcohol could damage it, after all, while the wipes created especially for touchscreen smartphones won’t do any harm. ZAGG offers rather nice wipes that will help remove facial oils grease and makeup from your iPhone 4S’s touchscreen and kill all the germs on it. A pack of ZAGGwipes contains 15 wipes and costs $4.99, so it seems to be quite a nice alternative to alcohol or water.

Many other must-have accessories for the iPhone 4S can be found in the market now, and we’ll speak about some of them in our next posts.

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