Winter Loving Hi-Tech Motorbike Technology


Crisp autumnal mornings and dark winter nights are two of the highlights of the autumn winter season that we are experiencing at the moment. Motorbike technology actually fits in perfectly with autumn and winter because of all the diverse types of benefits that you get out of using your bike this season. Unsure if you should take your bike out in winter? Let us persuade you with some of the following highlights:

Winter Loving Hi-Tech Motorbike Technology

Motorcycle Sat Nav Technology

To make sure that you keep the right winter roads this navigator technology for Motorcycles is specially adapted for the advanced rider. They are uniquely designed and purposely build with large clear displays and are mounted for easy viewing as you are riding, UV glare, fuel and water resistant with motorcycle friendly features to make it easy to operate whist in the saddle and wearing gloves.

They have very high brightness, include a fuel gauge, vibration tested and will come with ways to mount it exactly where is quickest and easiest for you to read. These Sat Navs come packed with maps for the UK and Europe and all over the Globe great for the touring rider. Sat Nav technology is fantastic to navigate the world and as a biker you will have knowledge of garages and nearest places to go in case of any bike problems.

Wet sump lubrication:

This is one of the most exciting innovations in motorbike technology. Also shared by sister vehicles such as cars, wet sump lubrication allows the engine to feel completely soft when you are riding your motorbike. The last thing you want is a motorbike that feels hard and an engine that does not respond the way you want it to. Wet sump lubrication avoids this feeling by allowing the engine compartments to work in tandem with each other. Enjoy all the benefits of wet sump lubrication when you choose motorbike insurance that protects your bike from top to toe.


The high octane world of motorbike technology has evolved to the point where many brands such as Suzuki are offering electronic ignition. Talk about a way to start your day on your bike. All you have to do is start the electronic controls and your bike will start no problem if you have bought a bike powered with electronic ignition. Be the most technologically advanced biker on the motorway with a bike featuring electronic ignition.


The days where your motorbike could only handle a few litres of petrol are over. Leading motorbike brands are now offering fuel capacity of over double digits which is brilliant if you are looking for value for money. Get plenty out of your motorbike by looking for engines with high engine capacity. These are bound to be the bikes that will give you the lowest insurance premiums because they will be the cheap bikes that you can get lots of wear and tear out of.

Constant mesh:

This refers to the transmission of some hi-tech motorbikes which means the gear speeds mesh or glide into each other which makes it simple to go from low to high speeds whenever you want. Integrate constant mesh transmission into your riding routine when you choose a sleek motorbike that can also be insured for an affordable price to suit your budget.

Motorbike technology is cutting edge and is very much build to keep the rider safe, motorcycles can reach very high speeds and have much faster acceleration than cars so it’s important to keep the technology levels high also important is the correct motorcycle insurance for you as it can be confusing with all the modifications so may add, so get kitted out properly insured and I will see you on the open road.

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