Future Gadgets, Sony


Future Gadgets, Sony

Below are just few of the amazing gadgets that Sony has produced over the years. These reviews are due to their performance and/or features and at the same time they have also earned themselves the right to be called gadgets of the future.

Sony Xperia

Future Gadgets, Sony

Firstly lets take a look at Sony Xperia which is one of the best gaming consoles by Sony Ericsson to bang the bazaar and maybe that is why it is called Xperia Play. A bonus feature of this beauty is that it is a cell also. This can be held in the hands easily and is based on Android phone so that makes it like play station portable integrated into a smart phone. It is smaller, lighter and therefore more mobile than other consoles available in the market.

The Sony PS3

Future Gadgets, Sony

Moving forwards we have The Sony PS3 which now has taken a step forward and is offering full attuned to Blu-Ray, while its communicative and online capabilities are also enhanced. Thus becoming an entertainment hub and at the same time due to internet, serving other purposes as well. This time consideration on shader tech has given a boost to its graphics and video out put. Adding to that, the already installed video memory also aids the same purpose.

Sony BD S770

Future Gadgets, Sony

After that Sony introduces its latest Blu-ray player Sony BD S770. It will surely change your house into a movie theater. The player is blessed with 24 pixels true cinema and 1080 pixels video. The user can watch movies and videos in so much depth that they would never turn their face toward cinema. More over features like deep color enhances the experience to billions just from millions. Sometimes advance technology is not compatible with old feature. But that is not possible with this player. Sony has introduced this player with BD-R/RE also with DVD+/-R/RW. So when the users are buying this gadget they should not worry about there discs being unplayable.

Sony 590

Future Gadgets, Sony

At last following the VAIO series is the Sony 590 with its special metal casing which makes it more resistant and tough than other plastic cased laptops. Other than being stylish and graceful appearance the product also packs in impressive features. The laptop is very thin and light in weight and this makes it easy to carry around mobile. The slimtop has a LED backlight HD screen which makes amazing pictures and videos on the 13 inch, diagonally, display screen. Some say that this small screen is not good enough for such a laptop as compared with others and that is, to some extent, right. On the contrary the device is HDMI compatible which means you can connect it to a High Definition TV for a better and bigger video quality and this makes up for the small display screen. The system is processed with Intel Core 2 Duo operating at a descent 2.2 GHz and to make it more exciting, there are about five upgrades available for this. So, by applying these upgrades you can easily take your PC processing at 3+ GHz.

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