4 Hot 7-Inch Tabs To Buy


4 Hot 7-Inch Tabs To Buy

Having around half of the 10 inch screen surface area the 7 inch tablets provide more mobility and convenience due to their smaller size also their novel like appearance also gives them an edge for the status fitting to e-book readers in the market. Further elaborating this view are some of such tablets which according to some are more deserving than others in the same market value.

BlackBerry Play-Book

4 Hot 7-Inch Tabs To Buy

First of all the RIM’s BlackBerry Play-Book is a good choice for many and maybe that is because of the fact that is a fast and powerful tablet giving support to HDMI and complex multitasking plus the security features it has to offer. For the same cause, is its browser that also supports Adobe Flash player 10.2 and due to this a user can experience PC style internet services. Currently, the tablet is limited to Wi-Fi, although Bluetooth tethering can be done easily with the 4th generation also called 4G models that are due launch later in the year. Coming to the other group of people who complain about its certain flaws, one becomes aware that the wakeup button is nearly impossible to press and a few stalwart features only work when the device is paired with a Black Berry.  Another thing is its 7 inch screen becomes useless for its fast browser. Whatever the groups say but the Play Book with is new RIM’s OS is hot in the markets.

HTC Flyer

4 Hot 7-Inch Tabs To Buy

Next is HTC Flyer whose screen and display quality has made many fans. With its strong structure, HD video record options, plus other unique features such as a well-matched digital pen and customization of Sense UI the Flyer has made an impressive appearance in the tech world. Although it is quite expensive and thick, does not use an android 3.0 based OS and the Digi Pen may cost extra price, the 7 inch tablet ads variety for the users and markets.

Galaxy Tab

4 Hot 7-Inch Tabs To Buy

Where as the Galaxy Tab with a Wi-Fi and an Android based OS, offers a luminous 7 inch screen. Features like Bluetooth, GPS and complete user access to mobile apps by Google’s suite plus the Android market availability has made the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab one of the products that make other companies jealous. However the set uses android 2.2 rather than the new android version which is 3.0 and better tablets are also found in about the same price range. Still Samsung’s Galaxy offers a good powerful tablet that is worthy of its set price.

Archos 70

4 Hot 7-Inch Tabs To Buy

Next with us is the Archos 70 tablet which is also an android and includes a powerful 1GHz processor. The excellent and smooth 7-inch touch screen and its unique front facing built in camera, plus the HDMI ability and Bluetooth along with 250 GB storage add verve to the offer. Despite all this fancy stuff the users complain about it generally being sluggish and the build and design feeling cheap shuts the product right up. Also the crummy viewing angles and very few numbers of apps in the store do not do good for the product either. Yet the Archos gives more power and specifications which others might not give especially if they are under $300 range.

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