Is Traditional Signage Making Way For Digital Marketing In The Business World?


In an age where everyone has access to the internet, whether it be on a laptop at home or on your mobile whilst on the go, many businesses are now embarking on digital marketing campaigns to appeal to the largest possible audience, and with approximately 2,405,510,175 internet users worldwide, it is clear to see why. However, this has led many to question whether the most traditional form of marketing, signage, has become somewhat redundant and is making way for its fast paced and innovative digital marketing brother?

It is a valid question to ask as it can’t be argued that marketing through digital channels, whether this involves the use of social media or online advertising, can appeal to hundreds upon thousands of people every day, however surely there still holds a place within a quality marketing campaign for some eye catching signs to publicise a business?

Read on to discover some of the benefits of quality signage for a business;

Appeal to Real People

Whilst an advert or social media promotion online can reach out to a large number of people, they are basically invisible; the online world is a mystery with the ability to appeal directly to real people very difficult, if not impossible in most cases to achieve.

Signage on the front of a shop, in the window of a business property or on the side of vans is guaranteed to be seen by people, whether they like it or not. With simple, clear and eye catching messaging, a well designed sign can soon draw in custom and make a commercial outlet stand out on a street filled with potential custom.

Create and Build a Brand

Every business has to start somewhere, and signage really helps to get a start-up business recognised. Great locations for signs include high across the top of buildings to help a business get recognised from a distance as well as on the edge of car parks, by the roadside or at the entrance to a business park if the company in question is located there!

By choosing fonts that reflect the image of your business, potential customers will quickly be able to make an impression on what you are all about, and with an attractive sign, the likelihood of them visiting your premises is increased considerably.

Provide the Information a Customer Needs

What the customer really wants is the facts, and signage enables the most important facts to be portrayed in a clear, easy to understand manner. From the company name through to a contact number or email address plus an easily recognisable logo, a sign offers everything a customer needs in one place.

Ultimately, it can’t be denied that digital marketing has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, however it does seem that there is still a place for traditional marketing in the form of signage. By combining the two, first making people aware of the business through eye catching, memorable and recognisable signage before then moving forward into digital forms of marketing to push the business even further, you will be well on the way to owning a successful business moving forward.

This post was written by Oliver Kyle on behalf of Wide Format Solutions, retailers of large format printers to the signage industry that help to create the highest quality signs to promote a business possible.

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