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Fire fighters have a very difficult job, but it is made much easier by the equipment which they have to use. The equipment which they now have available to them has made their job much easier and safer. The technology which they have to use has been constantly improved as the years have gone on, making their job much safer and successful. In the past, fire fighters have had a very high risk job however due to the protection from the equipment they use, this has hugely decreased. The figures of the success of their job has also risen in the past few years, this is all down to the vast improvement of technology.


Believe it or not, there is a huge variety of different fire trucks. When you phone for fire services, you will be asked what the emergency is; this is so the call centre can get a better idea of what fire truck will be the most suitable for the type of emergency. If the emergency is a fire high up in a building or someone trapped in a tall building, then it is likely that you are going to need a ladder truck sent to you. This truck will contain ladders which will go to a great height, as well as ladders, the truck will also contain much needed fire fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers, axes and firemen drop keys. This will allow them access to the building and will also allow them to fight the fire easily.

If there is likely to be a high number of critical injuries in the event of a fire, then you are going to need a rescue truck sent to the scene. The rescue truck will have fire fighters who will both be trained to fight fires and also have medical expertise. The truck will contain both equipment to fight fires and medical equipment, this will mean that any injured people can also receive medical treatment whilst others continue to fight the fire.

The most popular type of fire truck available is the fire engine. The fire engine contains powerful pumps and hoses so that big and small fires can be put out quickly. The fire engine is the essential vehicle to put out a fire. As well as having powerful pumps, the fire engine will also carry a variety of fire extinguishers and axes; this will allow the fire fighters to tackle a fire on foot.

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