Taking A Look At The HTC HD 2 – iPhone Contender?


The large screen sports a resolution rated at 800×480 pixels, which results in a decent quality display of images and minimal color branding. Microsoft has already built in an accelerometer that allows you to switch from portrait to landscape viewing in an instant. Kinetic scrolling is provided and even the little kinks from the old touchscreen versions were sorted out, which will provide a much better web browsing experience. However, multitouch and pinch to zoom is still not present.

Previous HTC phone users will feel right at home when the device is turned on as the TouchFlo interface is still adopted. There is of course the HTC clock and an area where you can put shortcuts to your most used or favorite apps or phone functions. For instance, you can add in your most reached phonebook contact, internet bookmark, widgets, etc. There is also the typical line of choices at the bottom of the display. Navigation and switching in between apps is a breeze due to the screen’s heat response capacity that has the ability to respond the lightest of taps or touches.

The overall look of the homepage is reminiscent of a Windows phone, although it showcases an easy-to-use interface for the Windows Mobile 6.5. Windows PC users will find this feature comforting and easy to use, with the familiar windows logo and Start option located at the lower left corner. As this is a portable PC, Microsoft has gone to lengths to make its design more touch-friendly, with larger and easier to locate icons for common commands. One concern however is the exit button, signified by the X at the upper right corner, which sometimes takes forever to respond even after numerous tries.

As previously mentioned, the homepage can be fully personalized, depending on how it can fully serve your needs best. This is a recent upgrade by HTC, which proves to be an advantage as a number of the competitors in the market are also heading toward this direction of customizable user interfaces.

Part of this enhancement is employing the Sense UI. Aiming at simplifying even the most basic tasks, this feature was first seen on the Hero model. For instance, when tapping on a phonebook contact, the Sense UI will automatically present a number of options to get in touch with him or her – whether through a call, email, text, tweet or FB message.

Another interesting function of this new features stems from its name. It is able to make the phone adapt and change into settings that are best suited for any type of situation. When you’re about to answer a call, the phone is able to detect that and even lower the ringer volume. Screen brightness is adjusted and can even go on standby/off mode to avoid any mispresses during a call. While this can improve user convenience, not all can fully utilize this extra add-on. In that case, you can opt to switch back to the typical Windows Mobile interface. However, a lot will agree to fully maximize the potential for the TouchFlo.

Also found on the Touch HD, its successor integrates a 5-megapixel camera as well. These have autofocus functions and a dual LED flash, which results in impressive images compared to other mobile phones. The HD2 has a touch to focus function, which is pretty responsive and efficient. Some of the other features, including smile and face detection, are missing from this phone, but its excellent focusing makes up for this lack. The flash is decent enough in providing adequate light, although not up to par with that from a digital camera.

Connectivity is a winner with the HD2 through HSDPA support. This is more than enough for users with regular internet surfing usage for ordinary browsing, access to social network websites, and even YouTube. The almost broadband speed allows for downloads of various media files, applications, and games.

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