Internet Radio App for iPhone, iPad and iTouch | StreamS HiFi Radio Launched


Modulation Index LLC launched StreamS HiFi Radio, the latest internet radio app introduced for iPhone, iTouch and iPad. You can list countless AAC, HE-AAC along with AM/FM and NET streams. The fast, easy and mobile-oriented interface of the StreamS App will let users search, add and save streams or stations as their favourites or even let them do a purchase from iTunes.

internet radio app for iPhone

According to Greg Ogonowski, President of Modulation Index, the decoding functionality of the app will provide listeners the best fidelity possible and provides capabilities that are more than competitive to satellite and HD Radio, whether heard on ear buds, auto sound systems, or home stereo since it decodes the signals (HE-AAC and AAC) correctly. This is in contrast to other single station players that compromises on the frequency and prevents the Apple hardware from giving the user the fidelity in the way the creators intended.

With StreamS internet radio app you can now connect to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and highlight your favourite title. The StreamMap™ will display the trend with regard to what people are listening to.

Download SteamS from iTunes

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