Mionix Naos Gaming Mouse


Mionix Naos Gaming Mouse

There are not much of unique features about this mouse and is all like other mouse.


This is a well built mouse suited for right handed, and has total of seven buttons. You can make number of profiles using the settings of this mouse which is priced 90 dollars.


The shape of the mouse is straightforward and easy to use. Its configuration software is remarkable like its tracking feature.


The track pad of the mouse is a bit hard, and basically there is no unique feature about this piece.


Among a lot of gaming mouse available in the market, the companies like Microsoft, Logitech and Razer have an established name. In my opinion, the best mouse is one which fits the size of your hand. For writing a review, I would say that this gaming mouse from Mionix is easy to use, even though I could not figure out exactly what is special on this.

It suits well and is compact for right hander and in this mouse there is separate divider for keeping your ring finger, thumb and pinky. Since my hand is of average size I would say for me the mouse fit exactly comfortable. It depends upon the individual and the hand size to have a comfortable access on the mouse. I placed my thumb on the ripple below and was able to gain access to other buttons with very little movement, indeed. The main keys present on the gaming mouse are very responsive and I was right clicking on it very often due to the way of my hand’s position on the mouse. The upward and downward buttons can be reached easily and you can reprogram it suiting your convenience.

The only drawback I observed with this mouse was its scroll wheel. It was little hard to rotate it and inflexible that I fund it difficult to perform action on it for making up and down movements in the page. Hence, I tried using middle finger for scrolling the wheel which was hard enough to give extra pressure it needed. It should be flexible for the user for conveniently navigating.

Its configuration software was remarkable giving more options for the user. Even though it is time consuming to make good of the changes, it is appealing and effective in performance. This software can create number of profiles and it stores your on-board in its memory card. This aspect is attractive, if you are also using number of mice like me.

Track pad was working well, but it depends much on the surface it is mounted. It is better to use hard surface like steel instead of soft cloth as your mouse pad for increasing its performance.


I would say this gaming mouse is great with added features but it has nothing unique to mention, and the price is relatively higher than the other models. For a newcomer like Mionix the price can be fixed low for hitting the market.

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