Kids and Destruction: How To Protect Your New Tech


Kids are, by nature, destructive. They do not have complete control over their bodies. Watch any small child for an hour, and you will see slips, trips and falls. It stands to reason that you would be nervous handing over your new tech gadget to a child.

Unfortunately, tech gadgets are one of the easiest ways to keep children entertained. They can be used to watch videos, listen to music and read books. Your child may even enjoy playing with an educational app or two. Knowing how to protect your tech from your kids is essential if you do not want to see your latest gadget cracked, smashed or otherwise broken. Follow these tips to keep your tech safe and your kids happy at the same time.

Kids and Destruction: How To Protect Your New Tech

1. A Great Case

It may seem obvious, but you may be surprised at how many people choose fashion over function. If your kids are going to touch your smartphone or tablet, a ballistic-type case is your best option. You may not be able to find one in a fantastic pattern, but chances are you will at least find a color that you like. Look for a case that covers the front, back and sides of your gadget.

2. Out of Reach

If you are like many people, you have a habit of keeping your gadget within reach. Whether it is on the kitchen counter, an end table in the living room, or your nightstand, your mobile device is easily accessible. If you can reach it, your kids probably can as well. Keep your devices high enough that your children cannot reach them.

3. Supervised Play Time

You need to clean the house or get a bit of work done on the computer. You hand your device over to your child and tell them to “go play.” That is a bad idea. If you cannot sit in the same room with your child, they should not be using your tech device. You may trust your child, but accidents happen. If you are in the same room, you can make sure that your little one is sitting still and using the device appropriately.

4. Scheduled Play

When children get scheduled time with your device, they may be less likely to pick it up on their own. Determine a time for your child to be able to get their hands on your new tablet. You may want to choose to let them read a book for 30 minutes before bed, or maybe you want to allow your child free reign to your tablet for 30 minutes after dinner. Set ground rules, and be sure that your child knows when you will be handing over your device and when you expect it back.

5. Buy Them Their Own

You do not have to buy your child the most expensive tablet on the market. There are some great, kid-friendly devices out there that are affordable. You can also give your child your old smartphone or tablet. They do not have to be activated with a carrier to connect to Wi-Fi. If your child has their own device, they will not be as tempted to pick yours up.

Your new tech is an investment. It only makes sense that you want to protect it from a cracked screen or internal damage. It is doubtful that your child would ruin your device purposely, but accidents do happen. If your child should break your device, a company like iTechShark can repair it, but that means down time for you. When you follow the tips above, your device is working and in your hands, keeping you connected throughout the day.

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