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The Untitled Jersey City Project sounds like just another lame outing in the seemingly endless list of Jersey-centric shows; presently hogging the airwaves. Fortunately, for the producers (and whatever little remains of my intelligence), the name (or lack thereof) is the shows’ only associative link to the Jersey as we presently know it. Given that, it’s YouTube programming, the show boasts of an incredibly slick production design. Apparently, it is a prototype for a potential television version, so I cannot officially feel bitter about my economic failings while supposedly amateur (or so I thought) filmmakers shame me with their wealth technique (and sick wheels).

The pilot episode (that I’ve linked to here for your convenience. you’re welcome) begins with fantastically framed shots of the said city, slyly segueing to the point of action (literally so – the gunshots and flying, more like crashing? bodies soon follow). As it turns out: a friend? co-worker? confidant? Of what I’m assuming is our (obviously shirtless) protagonist, has taken a giant leap off of their orange (?) building. The reason as to why is not immediately apparent (which is why there is episode 2).

A quick flashback explains the soon to be deceased, we eventually find out was called Ray, made a cryptic phone call to our architect hero (Frank George) who has presumably just finished doing the morning nasty with his hot girlfriend (oh yeah, there’s a hot girlfriend). Aforementioned gunshots are heard across the phone; Frank panics, making a dash to the construction site to inspect. Although, he does wait for his girlfriend to first get dressed. Anyways, Rays flattened body lies drowning in a pool of his own muddy blood. A host of new characters (potential murderers? the mafia? concerned neighbors?) materialize and so does the police. If you’re thinking that was a mighty quick response on the police’s behalf, it’s because our architect is clearly being framed. Franks shock-riddled face brings the exciting 2min to a close.

The show is pretty cool, considering they only have a meager 2 min or so to set the whole thing up. The talent seems passable (I am, however, particularly intrigued by the unusually pleased looking, and impeccably dressed Asian lady. She came ready for a photo-op. She clearly knows what’s up, the Asians invariably do.) Besides, we never really get to find out whether the dead guy is indeed the one who we’re led to believe he is. I mean he came crashing onto concrete, facial recognition would be a challenge I reckon. Since these shows run under 3min with relatively miniscule budgets (the Audi, however, still cost more to rent than I’ll probably make this month) there won’t be much DNA testing to ascertain the dead guy identity. Or will there? Consider me sold. I don’t have much time to catch up on 40+min shows anyways; so I’ll have to do with this mystery.

Check it out and sound off in the comments section below. I seek validation for my life entertainment choices; please bless me with your honesty. It’s advertised as an 8-part series; so, hopefully, they’ll resolve most of the plot points introduced. Even if they don’t, it’s not like you’re spending 7 years of your life trying to understand what really goes on in that hatch. For that you have lost.

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