Who Uses a Video Production Company?


You may be wondering about who, other than a couple about to get married, would use a video production company. You will probably be surprised to discover that many businesses get benefits from such a service.

There have been significant advances in producing videos over the years and the growth of the internet offers huge advantages of much greater publicity. Businesses invest in using a video service because they know that many people will watch a video when they might not read an article.

Who Uses a Video Production Company

The Benefits for Businesses

Those business owners who have used video production to promote their business have said that the experience was very positive. Videos provide content for a website and these often attract more traffic to a site.

Lots of people look at the videos on YouTube, it is not only music videos they search for. Increasingly consumers look for product videos and how to guides, the kind of thing that can help a business to reach a wider audience.

If you know anything at all about videos and their production, then you’ll recognise that a video is a great promotional tool for businesses. Internet videos as well as videos that are made for television give business owners the opportunity to promote their company in the watcher’s home.

Use a Video Production Company

You don’t have to worry about equipment because any decent promotional video production company will have everything that is needed to make your promotional video. If you are looking to bring your business to the attention of a greater number of people and promote your brand, then a corporate video is probably a good way to do this.

An increasing number of canny business people now use customer testimonials on their company videos because they have found that this single step actually adds value to their brand in the eyes of the consumer.

Videos are good for product demonstration because you can show on film exactly what your product can do. A good number of buyers are persuaded to buy a product when they see that it can deal with a problem or task that they have been struggling with.

Video and Relationships

You only have to watch a trade or corporate video to understand that this is a good medium through which you can establish what amounts to a relationship between you and the potential customer. Rather than simply reading or hearing your words, on a video the customer can see you in action and get a much clearer idea of what your product is and does. In many cases this is a huge improvement over reading some stuffy content.

You probably know by now that Google likes fresh content, in whatever medium so a video production is likely to help in your search engine optimisation efforts.

Many business owners have found that using a video on their site offers additional search terms that visitors can use to find their business. While a video could help your business and bring you more customers, it doesn’t mean that you can stop all of your other promotional efforts. Even the best video will not help a business where some of the essential promotional spade work has been left out.

This post was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Black Hawk Productions, for video production Nottingham. Amy writes on ways business can use new media.

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