Artificial Intelligence Tools To Improve Your Business To Business Sales


Over the past few years, B2B sales have been dramatically changed using technology. The efficiency and speed that business can work in have helped to improve how they offer their services, artificial intelligence is one of the more recent systems put into place to enhance profits and streamlining how businesses operate.

Artificial Intelligence Tools To Improve Your Business To Business Sales

Some people see A.I. as just a system on a mobile device were the software can speak and answer questions. This just scratches the service, in 2018, A.I is used for organising schedules, researching clients, training staff and producing the best operational approaches for the business. A.I. is transforming the way businesses function, here’s a look at different software’s to improve your businesses functions:


An A.I. that gives the sales teams insight into the clients, Nudge uses machine learning to find out new about the clients. Looking at online news pages, the client’s websites and social media, Nudge search through massive amounts of data to feedback to the staff. The A.I. also has the ability to show sales teams who in the targeted business makes decisions and enhance workflow through a chrome extension, Salesforce integration and slack bots.

One of the simpler A.I.’s on the list, is a perfectly efficient technology that works as a personal assistant. Its main function is to add ease to setting up meetings and organise individual schedules, eliminates the back and forth discussions about when and where to have a meeting. It plans meetings around both party’s schedules and takes into account time and travelling distance. It’s a tempting A.I. to use because of its ease of use, simply add into the email exchange and it begins to work. 

Crystal Knows

A predictive artificial intelligence system that creates profiles about clients and potential business partners. Using their social media and websites Crystal Knows outlines important profiles information from platforms like LinkedIn, Salesforce and much more. An example of how the A.I. helps the users is that it can create email templates that use language the client will find appealing, language and phrase they personally use, whilst doing this the software also creates a profile for you to view and helps to deepen relationships. It’s efficient for reducing time spent on researching clients, all the information you would need is given to you without needing to work for it. 


Troops is a cross-functional platform that creates organisation between different departments within the business. Adding an extra line of communication to departments that can be seen by others so the workflow can be at its most efficient, whilst planning around everyone’s schedules. It can pull through important information from other applications and software’s then work as a central domain. It also becomes a real-time hub on every desktop, which can create reports and send alerts to individuals.

The four mentioned platforms all work in different ways to help save time and make employees work day much more efficient. You can get in touch with the A.I. providers online and they will be able to tell you exactly how their system can benefit your business personally, depending on the sector you are in, customizing your businesses technology will make a massive difference. The technologies work well for most sized businesses, it’s worth considering artificial intelligence, mobile app development and new technology advancements if you want to optimise performance for the future of the business.

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