Why People Use IE6 Today


Why People Use IE6 Today

Information advancement:

Gone the days when people were used to slow and unconventional means to attain information. They were used to gather general information for which they had to wait for days or even months. Today’s world is not slow, in fact the advancement of science and technology with the invention of personal computer have opened several ways to the people for how to gather general information about everything related to each and every field of life.

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

As mentioned earlier, personal computers and now laptops, I-pads and many other advanced gadgets uses different types of explorers which explores every kind of information in front of the people. The very first internet explorer that was initially known as Microsoft Internet Explorer is a sequence of online website browsers that was firstly introduced by the Microsoft Company. Later on, it was incorporated as a permanent component of Microsoft Windows.

Imperative study of IE6:

The introduction of Internet Explorer into the Microsoft Windows was held in 1995. Up till now, Microsoft have introduced many versions of IE from initial IE to IE9 and also working on the newer versions. Now after more than a decade, many private and public companies have developed their own explorers for online information exploring. Nevertheless, statistics show that even today many people are still using Internet Explorer, especially IE6 which was developed in 2001. Statistics show that 42.5% people still are using IE and a major proportion is using IE6.

Why people still use it as their default browser:

There are many reasons why most of the people prefer this version upon other versions of IE. Some of the main reasons include:

  • This version of IE generally consists of inline frames that are mostly content controlled.
  • It includes different powerful augmentations like DHTML improvement.
  • It also fractionally holds up CSS level 1.
  • It also holds up level 1 for DOM and SMIL of version 2.0 and higher.
  • This and higher versions of IE use Attachment Execution Service which is being offered by the Microsoft Windows. It is used generally to spot or point out executables files that are being downloaded after an online research.
  • The marked files help the user to search out necessary file at the spot when he makes a search. This generally helps in avoiding immediate and unwanted installation mal ware or any dangerous spy ware from the internet.

There are many different changes that have been made while launching the IE6 version if Internet Explorer. It also includes a new-fangled adaptation of the general IE Administration kit which is typically known as IEAK and in case of IE6 it is IE6AK. Microsoft has started on a website known as with the objective of making use of Internet Explorer 6 to spread its use worldwide. This website has some really enhanced features that would surely impress the users of IE up till now to increase the number of users.

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