Engage Your Online Audience With Visual Content – Some Statistics To Be Aware Of


Right at the end of a year and at the beginning of a year, we’d like to go through few major reports on content marketing, inbound marketing and social media behavior of the online audience. It’s amazing to see how everything has changed in the last 12 months and we can’t deny the fact that 2016 was definitely not an exception. We saw the extreme importance of visual content which was noticed by the changes which occurred on every social network including Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Along with visual content, videos have also emerged as powerful tools to communicate with readers.

Engage Your Online Audience With Visual Content – Some Statistics To Be Aware Of

Visual content marketing in 2017 – Few stats you should be familiar with

  • 38% of content marketers said visual marketing was the most important and essential form of content marketing for their business, which is just at the second place after blogging (40%).
  • 75% of the social media marketers utilize visual assets in their social marketing campaign, way ahead of blogs (69%) and videos (64%).
  • When people hear information, they’re most likely to remember the 10% of the information which they hear days later. But whenever you pair the information with a relevant image, people remember 65% of the information even after 3 days.
  • B2C marketers put more stress on visual content than the B2B marketers.

Reasons to invest in visual content marketing

  • Visual content grabs attention

An ace visual content marketing firm, Spiel Studios is of the opinion that it is very important nowadays to convert text content to visual presentations in order to generate traffic. This is the time to get innovative while planning your content. You can double average engagement by creating user experience with stories that you tell through visuals.

  • Visual content is faster and easier to process

One of the key elements of visual content is that it is able to communicate faster with target audience than the average text version. We know that the human brain can process a controlled amount of information and hence it is better to incorporate visual data as it can be processed faster than the others. They are superfast when it comes to grabbing attention of people.

  • Visual content generates increased views for every post

We know that a picture is worth thousand words and hence if you can share a single piece of visual content, you’re guaranteed virality and engagement. The more there is engagement, the more will be the number of people who will view your post and get acclimatised with your brand.

  • Visual content boosts subscribers and followers

One of the main objectives of using visual content is to entertain and entice online audience. Hence the more you can captivate your audience, the more will be the people who will view your webpage and interact with your famous brands. Remember that social converts are nothing but sales leads which can happen.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has still not embraced visual content marketing, do it as soon as possible as this is the best way to stay in front of the online users and be remembered by all.

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