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Recently I have moved into my own apartment for the first time. It feels so good to be out on my own at last and sampling the big wide world on my own two feet. Sorting out the flat has been a massive job, call me naive but I never thought about all those companies and bills which need to be arrange. It has been a steep learning curve, but an enjoyable one.

Bundles are a Great Way of Saving Money

When I looked into the phone line and Internet I wanted to find a great package deal which was affordable for me. I checkout out a few larger companies and I was shocked by how much the packages were. It wasn’t until a friend of mine suggested looking into cable TV that I realised good deals are possible.

Once I visited the site I found that not only was there great speeds available if you choose cable over digital, the television offers were really good too. I was going to order a Sky package but since I was on the site anyway I thought it would be good to have all my bills in one place. That is a lot easier to manage compared with having the phone with one company, the Internet with another and then the digital TV coming out elsewhere.

Cable Friendly Zone

The only problem with the cable TV is that you cannot have cable connection if the area you live in is not set up for it. I was a bit concerned about the town I live in but I typed in my postcode and low and behold cable was possible. I believe that cable offer services to people without the cable option but they are a lot more limited.

The television package I ordered actually came with an amazing TiVO box. Since I do work odd hours I often miss television programmes so the TiVo made a lot of sense. It is simple to record programmes each week or day depending on when your favourite shows are repeated. It is also possible to record three television shows at any one time. Shows that things have certainly advanced compared with the days of the simple VHS I remember as a girl.

Amazing Freedom and the Perfect Connection

My flat is now feeling like a proper home. I have everything sorted out and the Internet and phone are all working like a dream. I love the choice in channels that I have. Thanks to the TiVo I rarely watched scheduled TV anymore. I simply go through the shows I have recorded while I have been at work, out or asleep and have the ideal night of television right at my fingertips.

With all the three bills going to one company it makes it a lot easier for me to budget each month. It makes sense to have everything in one place, I just need to switch my electric and gas to the same provider now. I like to be organised and to have the best services and with cable TV I am able to have my cake and eat it.

If you are fed up of watching the same old shows and want to have a lot more choice I recommend looking into your options. Digital and cable TV is worth it if you enjoy relaxing in front of the television. If you are like me and have a busy schedule the TiVo is a definite bonus.

Virgin TV bundles vary greatly in price; you can find great deals no matter what your budget is.

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