CDs and DVDs Still Maintain Their Popularity


CDs and DVDs Still Maintain Their Popularity

What do you think? Is the demand for tangible media formats dropping down? Do people like downloading audio stuffs from Internet? You may be thinking that audiences don’t buy hard copy of the latest DVDs, books or CDs. Of course, the way web applications are mounting up, you may not be that optimistic on duplication industry.

What does it indicate? Does forward movement of music technology prevent you from using CD duplication technology for your music bands? If this is the case, think again!

The clear answer of these questions is NO. Though society and X generation are moving towards mp3 file than physical CDs, it has not yet surpassed the craze of duplicated cd copies and DVDs. Majority does not feel in that way.

The reasons are –

  • Not everyone has mp3 player or similar audio device at home for listening to music
  • Not all know the downloading procedures from the net
  • Still people prefer CD for their home stereo systems
  • The fashion of CD collection is still in vogue

If you are a music producer or a band owner, you will feel it more. Can you really sell mp3s at your merchandise table while attending a concert? Remember, Cds are important part of any band’s start up career. Bands get popularity by selling Cds at shows, events.

One thing for sure, audio or video Cd, DVDs is something that people can easily remember and connect as well. With mp3 music files, this does not happen.

However, you can’t miss the segment also who are using mp3 files. To ensure that you get into both the world, make your physical Cds purchasable, presentable and downloadable on the internet also.

You can access many online systems to upload the music files on popular music portal. Just an added step you need to follow. Integrate online ordering system into it. Thus you can have all in one music selling shopping page through which fans and followers can be targeted.  Of course, selling part is attached to it also.

To conclude, audio CD duplication is ever fresh and effective method of producing quality music disc.  But you can always blend both the options for optimum result.

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