New Website Connects Freelancers and Hirers Located Anywhere in the World in Real Time


InstaLance - Freelancers Instant Help

HYDERABAD, India, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — InfoWick has launched a website: http://www.InstaLance.com. The main feature of the website? It is the only one of its kind in the world. InstaLance.com is a new and unique concept in the world of freelancing. It is a boon for freelancers in 200+ categories. The website targets the main problems faced by the freelancing industry and successfully eliminates them. The main problem faced by the freelancing industry is TIME. The site provides real-time access to freelancers anywhere on the globe.

Though people are able to communicate instantly with people anywhere on the globe, getting work done instantly with people anywhere on the globe was not thought of until now. InfoWick thinks that the site enables just that. Hirers and Freelancers of 200+ categories can an create account in minutes, log in, search, chat, award or accept, get work finished or finish work and transfer or withdraw money. This can be called the easiest way of getting work and also getting work done.

The website provides tools for getting quality work. It provides tools like Text/Audio/Video chat, screen sharing, sending files while chatting, and viewing chat history; hirers can create chat rooms and invite multiple freelancers, set milestone payments for safe escrow-like transactions, add/remove people to/from friends list for easier access, handwrite a message, save conversations to desktop, along with other great features.

With http://www.InstaLance.com, headhunters will never face a shortage of working hands. Similarly, qualified personnel can never remain unemployed. The website arranges the matchmaking of headhunters and qualified personnel. One can employ or get employed even on a per minute basis. The remunerations are also transferred instantly, just like instant work!

The website provides a hassle-free and seamless solution for freelancing, from getting work or work done to transferring or getting money.

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