Ways to Sell Your Wii


If you would like a quick way to generate a little extra cash, selling your games consoles may be the perfect way to do it. Most of us have more than one kind of games console. Either one kid preferred the Xbox to the Wii or the other way round. Alternatively, you may have simply upgraded when a new version of your favorite games console was released. Either way, the chances are you have an old and unloved games console cluttering up your cupboard. If this is the case, it is well worth considering selling it.

If it is a Wii, you will sell it relatively quickly. It is an amazingly popular gaming platform. In just 6 years, over 96 million Wiis have been sold. The first one was sold in Nov 2006, but the biggest sales month for the console did not occur until December 2009.

It is a gaming platform that appeals to people of all age groups, which means that there are plenty of people out there who will want to buy a used one. There are several ways to sell your Wii, here we will consider some of the most popular ways of doing so.

Selling a Used Wii Privately

If you want to, and can afford to do so, you can give your Wii away. A friend or relative may appreciate it. Some charities take them and sell them, and, of course, a children’s home or local hospital would love to take them and use them for residents or patients. They are also very popular in old people’s homes, not all Wii games require a lot of energy to play, so they are perfect for the elderly.

On the other hand, if you need the cash try advertising your Wii for sale in local newspapers, shop windows, or supermarket notice boards. You could try selling it on eBay, but bear in mind that you will have to pay to list it. Also, remember to factor in the cost postage. Before listing it, check how much it would cost to send it through the post. Wiis are quite heavy, so you will be surprised at how much it will cost to send it to the buyer.

A boot sale, or jumble sale can be a good place to sell something like a used Wii. However, if you sell it like this do not expect to get much for it. People tend to like to try this kind of thing before they buy, so usually pay a lot less than it is worth when they buy from boot sales. To some extent, this is also true of people who buy on eBay or via classified sites like Craigslist.

The better your Wii looks the easier it will be to sell. If you list it online, display all of the accessories and any games you are including with the console. You should include one or two games with any console you are trying to sell; doing so will make it appeal to a bigger group of potential buyers.

Author Bio – Craig Bailey writes mainly about making money from home. If you want to sell your Wii, to make a little extra cash, try some of the ideas in his article.

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