Cloud FTP Services: Our Top 4 Picks


If you want the power and flexibility of an on-premises SFTP server but don’t want the headache of maintaining and updating hardware, a cloud SFTP service is a great solution. A move to the cloud can result in significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

Cloud FTP Services: Our Top 4 Picks

In fact, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by year’s end. If you are considering making a switch to online FTP storage or are simply looking for an alternative to existing software, here are some cloud FTP server options to consider.


Cloud FTP Services: Our Top 4 Picks

Price: Starts at $50/month for 5 users for the Essential Plan

100 GB storage

ExaVault makes file sharing and access simple. If you’re looking for long-term storage at a low cost, then ExaVault may fit the bill. Yet, if things like high performance and robust security are important, this may not be the best option for you. ExaVault is the perfect solution for smaller companies, but if you have many users, this solution will be pricey with less advanced capabilities.

Exavault is a good solution for companies with file sharing requirements, but automated transfers and event-based automation is not available.

Pros: Very easy to use and priced reasonably.

Cons: The security features are lacking, and it is not cost effective for larger companies.

Titan SFTP Server in Azure

Cloud FTP Services: Our Top 4 Picks

Price: Based upon your selected configuration and number of hours the service runs.

Titan SFTP Server offers advanced security and scalability. It is the only solution that we reviewed that offers the ability to choose the server configurations, such as number of processors, amount of memory, etc. Because you only pay for the storage and processing hours you use with Titan (and not per user, as with most other services), it offers the lowest cost for more than 15 users. Azure offers the ability to run the server during specific hours, and then turn the server off as a cost savings.

Titan SFTP Server in Azure offers 3 preconfigured options, including a configuration for Cisco CUCM backup. Cisco has recommended the Titan service as a certified backup provider.

Published reviews of Titan’s technical support team indicate they are responsive and dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Pros: Pricing is based upon the storage and processing hours that you use, and not per user. Easily scalable with flexible configuration options. Most cost-effective option for medium-to-large organizations.

Cons: No file sharing options

FTP Today

Price: Ranges from $90 to $500 per month

Basic plan includes 10 GB of storage

FTP Today is one of the most secure cloud FTP solutions available, supporting a variety of regulations, like HIPAA. However, the pricing can get quite high depending on your requirements and the Basic Plan does not support the secure protocols that the higher-priced plans do.

FTP Today offers a nice dashboard for monitoring user connections, but automation is limited to email notifications.

Pros: Reliable and workforce tested. Supports multiple secure protocols.

Cons: Pricing is a bit higher than other services, and you do not get many features or much storage with the basic plan (only 10GB).  Secure protocols incur an additional cost. Limited automation features.


Price: Starts at $40/month for a group

40GB storage with the “Group” Plan

HostedFTP is a tried and true product that has been around since 2008. It is known for good performance, particularly for larger file transfers. However, customers have reported that you must be careful not to go over the bandwidth or user limits of your subscription or you are at risk of being charged overage fees. If you do need additional storage, however, you can easily purchase what is needed directly from their website.

Pros: Workforce tested with good transfer speeds.

Cons: Can become expensive if you require more storage than your plan provides. No automation capabilities.

Running FTP as a service in the cloud offers myriad benefits such as cost savings, increased efficiency, and reliability. No matter what type of setup is required for your business data, there are numerous options available to fit your needs.

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