Samsung Blackjack II


Samsung Blackjack II

Samsung Blackjack II is available with a 6.1cm wide screen and comes with a variety of good features and specifications for a mid-level price. It can not only improve its users’ phone activities but can also be a source of entertainment. Samsung Blackjack features a QWERTY keyboard intended for easier and better messaging and emailing.

It has a 2.0 megapixel camera that is certainly a newer and better version of original Blackjack camera. Now, with a perfect quality camera, convenient keyboard and better multimedia messaging facility, communicating via messaging is a lot easier.
With USB connectivity and Bluetooth, Yahoo, AOL and Windows live chat options, the Samsung Blackjack can be operated same as a laptop due to its immense variety of tools helpful in convenient communication. The Blackjack II is with a great battery life giving a very good talk time which is around 7 hours. On standby; maximum standby time is almost 14 days that is quite inspiring, as not many phones offer this much better life.

The users of Blackjack ll can easily open and edit Microsoft Office documents, as the phone allows running these documents on Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, which is very helpful for professionals. With a wireless internet connectivity and web browser; all the basic functionalities and conveniences of a computer or laptop come in a phone that can easily be carried anywhere. A microSD slot comes with Samsung Blackjack II in order to give additional memory faculty to its internal storage of 155.0 MB.

In order for its users to keep things organized, the Samsung Blackjack II offers alarms, a day planner, and a private organization page, call forwarding and of course; call waiting. The built in GPS system by TeleNav can take users where they are required to be in time. It keeps an incorporated GPS unit, which requires users to subscribe at TeleNav for navigation through voice. Some may prefer Google Maps which is a free application, in order to exclusively identify their location without any need for voice guidance.

The Blackjack II, with better hardware patterns, is with no trouble competent for its users to add more programs and applications for fun and need. A very unique feature of Blackjack ll is the song identification program that this phone has with a music player. The support for video streaming services and AT&T music on the same application is a great idea as well, but requires a paid subscription.

The phone does not have the facility of Wi-Fi connectivity, which is the consideration for many buyers. It, however, does have a Bluetooth.


Generally, the Samsung Blackjack II is certainly able to provide more exciting features in a sleek wrap up that comes with flexibility for both personal and business applications. This phone is a versatile device that is helpful under roughly any circumstances. Available at a sensible price, Blackjack II may be favored by a lot of people as a smartphone of preference with its functions and exceptional features for business people and ordinary ones.

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