There are many adjectives which could best describe the smart phone industry in general. It is highly dynamic. It is unbelievably flexible and amazingly out-of-this-world. As a result of such unending dynamism, it can be surprising, but in a good way, to wake up one day and find out that there is another smart phone that is certain to catch the mobile phone experience of the most discriminating user. And this is what the HTC HD7 has exactly done since its launch.  It has captured the wildest imaginations of every mobile phone aficionado out there.

To know how, read on.

During the kick-off product presentation of the HTC HD7 to the market, this new addition to the growing smart phone industry has been touted as the reincarnation of the reliable HTC HD2 albeit equipped with a brand new operating system and a state-of-the-art design. The HTC HD7 is a beautiful piece of personal gadget. Its revolutionary design coupled with top-of-the-line components, makes the phone look elegant and sophisticated. Many mobile phone aficionados consider the HTC HD7 the most high-end of the Windows 7 family of mobile phones. Further, this wonder smart phone is a must-have for movie and film buffs because of its humungous display of 4.3” which enables the viewing of your well-loved films such a pleasurable experience.  And the best part is that you can carry this gadget inside your pocket.

However, with all these accolades given to the HTC HD7, this is not to imply that this piece of gadget has no recognized flaws. In fact, the people who have used the HTC phone are of the opinion that despite its relatively wide display, its color is uninteresting and a bit paler as compared to the other smart phones with similar media capabilities. This minor flaw becomes apparent when you tilt the phone to suit your preferred view. Moreover, due to the glossy nature of the phone, there instances when its reflection is too glaring for the eyes, compounding further its picture and color deficiencies. But, despite these minor display flaws, the HTC HD7 is still miles ahead in terms of viewing capabilities as compared with other phones. Aside from the display issues, the phone’s battery can also be a concern due to its perceived lack of capacity. The features of the HTC HD7 tend to consume much of its battery power. As a consequence, there is a need to charge the battery on a regular basis. This condition is not probably appealing for those who are constantly on the move as there is a great possibility of battery power shortage.

Considering all things equal, despite the perceived flaws of the phone, it still appears to be a best buy for those who want to have a piece of that smart phone mobile experience. Pursuant to a close analysis and some benchmarking, the features of the HTC phone outweigh its known imperfections. Hence, it would not be a waste of resources if one purchases the HTC HD7.

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