Lexmark C546dtn is The Best Choice for Bulk Printing Works


Lexmark C546dtn is the best choice for bulk printing works

The speed and quality output are the two important features in any laser printer and Lexmark C546dtn are satisfying both aspects. This printer priced $699 is ideal for an office which do not requires multitasking features and only need a speed, reliable and quality laser printer.

The front panel consists of LCD screen which is smaller in size, two arrow keys and a check button. The input tray is placed to accommodate 250 paper sheets with adjustments of enclosing varying sizes of paper. Another tray below can be removed and it can hold 550 sheets and multipurpose feeder tray of 100 sheets.

Surprisingly this stylish looking printer has an USB port in the front part which does not supports any memory slots. Since the entire unit is pre-assembled there was no difficulty in any part of set up. The cartridges of toner have to be removed and re-installed before setting up.

Lexmark C546dtn does not offer wireless connection and hence it comes with an Ethernet and USB panel. The installation of printer into the computer was clean and simple after using the CD drive provided by Lexmark. Initially there was some problem in taking prints and the entire process was repeated to check the status.

The printing job was clear and straightforward. Not a single paper got jammed inside the printer head. There was some issue with the automatic duplexer unit. It was not functioning despite fixing it as default. So, you have to go to menu box and again choose the duplexer option for printing both sides of page. And remember to switch off the option after you have finished taking copies.

The laser printer from Lexmark was efficient in performance and quality. The speed was great in text mode and other different modes. It was outstanding in taking photo printouts and this is the fastest printer of all laser printers. One drawback observed with this C546dtn is it does not capable of rasterizing the image. In other words, the printer cannot hold on to the information for some time after the printing work is completed. Even though the printer contains 256 MB of memory capacity still it lacks in this aspect.

The output of Lexmark was satisfactory. The letters were clear, sharp and readable in standard colour. The coloured letters were also in good form normally with some exception here and there. But the graphics which are business related were displayed not as a whole but split into large number of pixels. This is not the case with other laser printout.

Lexmark was capable of printing on glossy paper also. Even though the quality of photo was good, the image was not like matching the standard of glossy paper and it was not clear and sharp. The printer was superb in displaying proof for photos.

If you use high capacity cartridge then you can save more money on buying toner or cartridges. The cost for one page is very low for this laser printer. As per Lexmark this C546dtn can print up to 55,000 printouts in one month and that is a huge number for small office. Hence, C546dtn is ideal for office which does large number of prints daily.

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