The Apple Universal Dock Versus The iPhone 4 Dock


The Apple Universal Dock Versus The iPhone 4 Dock

Bringing in a new phone like the iPhone 4 was all it took to also offer up a dock for it as well.  It doesn’t matter that I have numerous other docks in my personal belongings, you just have to figure with a new style phone you’ll have to invest in a new dock for it as well.  I went ahead and purchased the dock and failed to remember about the Apple Universal Dock which would have been a much better alternative, to say the least. In my stock of docks, I have a couple different models as well that always give some sort of error message directed at the iPhone that never makes a whole lot of sense.  It’s never let me down when I need it to work with my iPhone, it just doesn’t register it because the docks are older than the iPhone.  For strictly charging purposes, I always employ the 3GS dock to do it. So I’m definitely playing it safe with an Apple Universal Dock because it would never display an error message that is directed towards my iPhone.

Cheaper Is Not Always Better

If you go for the Apple Universal Dock, then you won’t have to continue on spending sprees whenever Apple goes all out with yet another piece of equipment. It’s also nice that they have specific inserts made for the dock that allow for different devices to gain access to the dock. There are also inserts for universal docks available for the iPhone 4 as well.  It’s much better for you money-managers out there to invest in the $49 for the Universal dock than to have to spend three times (or however many new devices come out) that much on a brand new dock every time. Inserts are great additions to any iDevice which includes the iPod as well.  If you go out and purchase a new Universal dock, then you have the advantage of getting a 3-pack of these sought after inserts which make your life a lot easier when docking.  Another plus to this package is a remote that will enable you to hook it up to your personal sound system and control all aspects of the sound and regular features a control can offer. All in all, the Universal dock really is a good investment.

There have been some problems with reception in the recent days and bumpers have been what is offered to cure this problem.  One downside to having a bumper added onto your phone is the fact that the dock won’t be compatible with the iPhone is it has one on it.  so the advantage of having the universal dock is that you can dock it successfully, but you have to remove the insert to do so.  Also with the bumper removed from your device, you can try to hook it up to an iPhone 2G dock and it has been said to work just fine.

Now that I know all the benefits to having an Apple Universal Dock, I’m not going to need the other one.

Buy this dock at a price of $49 at the highest.

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